RAM, VideoCard or MoBo

System 1600xp
2 x 256 ddr
1 x 40gb sg 7200
1 x 20gb wd 5400
viper 770 32mb agp
abit kg7 mobo
Power supply just gave up ghost.System working then it stops
Buy new 300w ps. While at it buy the xtra 256 ddr.
Reformat HDD
REInstall xp pro on first drive.
Event viewer reports aspi failure get Bios update repairs aspi prob.
Memtest reports errors in both ram sticks/???One at a time
Now wont switch off cleanly Screen goes but have to turn off PC at wall. Start again and most of time getting that error saying check monitor power and data cables. Next time I boot it works OK.Until next time. NOW one long continuous beep (AwArd Bios).Reboot goes OK. then might freeze
Is it RAM, VideoCard or MoBo Help
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  1. Er, it could be your power supply, there are a lot of [-peep-] grade power supplies floating around.

    <font color=blue>By now you're probably wishing you had asked more questions first!</font color=blue>
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