what benchmark apps most closely represent WoW?

So I want to build myself a new computer that will play WoW as cleanly as possible, while staying on a budget. To do that means I will be comparing the different components using Tom's hardware reviews.

WoW is not one of the applications that Tom's uses to benchmark against so I am looking for some help for which applications Tom's does benchmark against and why people think those applications most closely represent how WoW will behave.

Some more background on WoW.
I have read that WoW does a lot of dynamic texture loading while most of the FPS games just do a static texture load which makes just comparing WoW to Quake not entirely valid.
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  1. WoW is hardly a demanding game by any stretch of the imagination. My primary games are WoW, CSS, BF2. BF2 on the detected settings slows down on me sometimes and loses some frames, but WoW NEVER does. I find it is hardly a demanding game at all, and I'm just running an overclocked x800GTO 256mb (nothing special) and an AMD 3200 proc with 1gb of RAM.

    Pretty much anything new you purchase will beat my system specs (which I bought at "value prices" the September before last), so WoW is nothing you have to worry about.

    get 1gb ram, at least an x1800 video card (I would get x1950pro if I were to buy right now) and a low-end c2duo processor and it'll destroy WoW without breaking a sweat.
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