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I am planing to buy a new monitor and I wonder should I go for 16:9 or 3:4 monitor? Since gaming is the primary function of that PC I want to understand if it is time to switch to 16:9 (I had never had it before as monitor). Can anyone who has 16:9 monitor describe their gaming experience? What percentage of games support 16:9?
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  1. Can you give an overall impression? Is 16:9 gaming on the screen of the same price as 3:4 better?

    This is important to compare game on different screens of the same price rather than on the same screen with different resolutions, because, of cause, on 16:9 screen the game will look better in 16:9 mode, and on 3:4 screen the game will look better in 3:4 mode.
  2. I currently play ALL my games on a 22" widescreen lcd. I will never buy a 4:3 again. Some newer games do support wide formats. Im sure that 99% of all games will someday.
    Even playing BF2 in 4:3 on the 22" LOOKS great.
  3. If your getting a widescreen monitor for gaming it is more likely to be 16:10


    About 80% of all games that have been made in the last 3 years have a widescreen mode in one way or another, all be it a hack/patch or an option in the settings screen.
  4. And if they don't have a widescreen mode, you can play them in 4:3 (or 5:4) centered on the screen with black bars filling the rest of the screen. This is done in the nVidia settings (I can't speak for ATI since I don't have an ATI).

    On my 20.1" WS Viewsonic, the centered game at 1280x1024 appears to be the same size as it was on the old 17" at the same res.

    Widescreen is so great for games. Once you have it, you won't want to go back...

  5. I have an acer 19'' wide 16:10 and its awesome. Not just for gaming but even for movies.

    I'll tell you, once you get a widescreen you'll never be able to play games on a 4:3.
  6. Been playing C&C3 TW demo, BF2142, and Supreme Commander on a 22" ws, wouldn't have it any other way.
  7. You sick people, making me wish I bought a widescreen monitor, shame on you for making me feel bad about my bad purchase! :P
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