2 oblivion problems

ives got 2 problems that wont let me install oblivion

1. when i run the disk it says its not a valid win32 app.

i tried coping everything from the disk to my hard drive to install it from there, it came up with another problem

2. it says to insert the disk with setup.isn, and theirs only one disk,

thank you for your time
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  1. Weird.

    Maybe need a firmware update for your dvd drive?
  2. sorry about late reply(busy n all), but do you have any recommendations on the latest Firmware for a DVD-R/RW?
  3. I got a Benq or phillips DVDR, I had to update it after trying to install warcraft 3, which wouldnt install.

    It could be corrupted as well..
  4. technically its not even on my computer, its on a disk, it says the disk isnt a valid win32 app., cant do thier add or remove method cuss its not even installed

    Edit: ive updated my firmware, adn then tried, gave me the same error

    Final Edit: ive found the reason why oblivion wouldnt work, Microsoft anti piracy software on the disk automaticaly stop you from using it if you have any cd coping software (mainly nero and its incd4), you have to uninstall these softwares to use them, the restart your computer.
  5. Running Vista? 8O
  6. No its not Microsoft here. Oblivion actually is great since it only checks the DVD (no securerom or starforce). I think INCD might have been blocking it in your case. No need to uninstall Nero just remove INCD4
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