Okay, I have a big problem. Here is my situation. Im running a PII400Mhz, HP6470Z Computer. It has a ASUS P2B-VE Motherboard in it. I tried overclocking the CPU, and I started seeing the common problems of overclocking to much. So, I went back to the normal settings, and now, it seems to still be running inproperly. The busy light on the computer stays on. And it freezes up sometimes, and sometimes, I get weird errors on startup. Im starting to think I damaged my motherboard. If this is the case, can is it still safe to use the computer. Or am I in risk of totally ruining the whole computer?

Can someone please help?!?!

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  1. One of HPs big problem areas is the pitiful excuse solution for the processor cooling, if you're going to Overclock, step 1 is to make sure you have adequate cooling before proceeding. You need to find the Clear CMOS jumper, or Clear CMOS shorting points, Or if you can't find that unplug the power supply from the wall, and remove the CMOS battery for a couple of minutes on the M/B to clear the CMOS settings, then restart the machine and go in to the setup and reset the CMOS settings to default and configure the CMOS to whatever it needs to be. If you've already done that, then post back as to exactly what overclocking you did.
  2. Ah, yes. I took off the CPU *shroud* on my Dell P4, and lo and behold, it didn't have a fan on the heatsink. Yes!! I have a P4 1.4GHz Willy and the only cooling the CPU has is a heatsink and an outtake fan beside it... LOL... I wonder why it hasn't been causing any troubles yet... :tongue:

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  3. actually dell does a really nice job of cooling things, and the cpu fan really isnt necesary. I don't think you have much to worry about.

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  4. Still got the problem. Now, my CD opens and closes by its self sometimes, lol. Sometime it wont even recgonize it. Other times, the little light on it that means there a CD in the tray, stays on and I know it aint in there.
    It still looks up also sometimes. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!???????
  5. BUMP sorry dudes, but this is an emergancy hehehe.....thanks for all the help also dudes!
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