Company of Heroes, how well does your system run it?

I'm building a new system and want to play CoH. If you have CoH what are you specs and how well does it play on you computer?
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  1. Well i am going to be upgrading my computer because of this game.

    AMD 3000+

    X1800gto 256, 1 gb ram

    Resolution 1024x 768 most thing on medium and high with 2aa

    It sruggles on big maps and more than 4 player .

    Basically i get about 35 fps minimum :D on a 2 player map and 12-7fps on 8 player :(

    My system suck and now i hate AMD :evil:
  2. Thanks for the responce!

    Don't be hatin AMD, sure C2D beats out AMD right now, but AMD will catch up. I've had very good experience from AMD in the past. I bet adding another gig of ram would greatly help you out.
  3. Naah i am just kidding , i actually like AMD thats the reason i havent upgraded yet , but honestly i am having 2nd thoughts .

    939 up gradation is a waste compared to the performance money ratio :(

    i really want to get a new system but in April waiting for the r600 :D

    i just dont trust nvidia :tongue: :D
  4. Amen to that. ATI + AMD all the way!

    Unfortunatly I need a new comp pretty fast now a days (my current one is slow laptop with 256mb ram and 16mb video), so after posting the specs for my new build on the forum EVERYONE has said to go C2D since it is faster and cheaper. (E6300 vs X2 4600+). I feel bad. Should I see a counselor about this?
  5. You are joking right 8O Naah dont worry about it :lol:

    Just get a new computer :)
  6. Quote:
    You are joking right 8O

    lol :tongue:
  7. on my X2 3800 with 2gb ram and a 7600GT it runs like a charm. I also have 2xAA which sweetens everything.
  8. on my X2 3800 with 2gb ram and a 7600GT it runs like a charm. I also have 2xAA which sweetens everything.
  9. I've seen that terminology before, what does 2xAA stand for? Same thing with 4xAA and what not.
  10. Athlon 64 3000+, 2Gb Ram (4x512) and a vanilla 6800.

    Have only played single player so far (only got it this weekend), but so far it runs great. Load times are slow, but once loaded it is stutter-free.

    Running on the auto-detected specs - 1024 and 2xAA (anti-aliasing, since you asked).

    And last night I was running it with emule running in the background (forgot to turn it off) - didn't even notice.

    Clearly a very well-programmed game. Hats off to Relic.
  11. *steals hat*

    :P :lol:
  12. I just got this game this past week also, holy crap what a amazing game. Im suprised at how well my 6600Gt can run it. Mid/High settings at 1024. Getting about mid to low 30's in frames. Shadows off of course.
  13. AMD 3800+ AM2 (Sucks, I know, I am waiting for those C2D price cuts)
    2 GB Corsair XMS RAM
    2 8800GTS in SLI
    Creative Audigy 2 ZS

    Get minimum 50 FPS on all best settings (except AA, which is off because of a bug) on 8 player, 70 on 4 and around 90 - 100 on 2 players. :D
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