How can i overclock a motherboard that wont let me

motherboard is Ecs K7S5A cpu is 1.33 memory is 256mb ddr want to overclock the cpu but in the bios it will only let me change it from 100/100 to 133/133 fsb is there a program that would let me change the multiplyer and voltage thnx guys

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  1. nope.

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  2. the only thing you coudl do is download Soft FSB which lets you change *surprise!* the FSB.

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  3. Not for that M/B, if you really want to OVclock you need to purchase an OVclockable M/B, ECS is more of a standard type solid and basically dependable M/B thats why a lot of your local computer shops use those M/Bs to build their out the door machines, and its a cheaper M/B. Good OVclocking M/Bs brands, ABIT, GIGABYTE, MSI, ASUS, SOYO, to just name a few, some can be seriously OVclocked, Some moderately OVclocked, but having the onboard capability to be OVclocked, is what you really need to look for if you want to OVclock your machine. THWG has an article on the subject you can find it in the Mainboard Guide at the bottom of this page.
  4. Just be thankful the thing runs stable.

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  5. I think there was an o/c-ers BIOS (allowing you to increase the FSB in small steps) for that mobo, wasn't there?
    Do a search.

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  6. There is an overclockers BIOS for it available elsewhere on the net, I'm not going to track it down for you though. You can overclock in Windows as well, using SoftFSB or CPUFSB, both of which I'll let you get from my FTP, but I won't be telling you how to use them.

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