Far Cry resolution set higher than my monitor, help!

I was reading the tweakguide for Far Cry, and decided to up the resolution to see how it would look. I thought I had set it to 1280x1024, but I think the Hz are too high and my cheap flat 17" CRT doesn't support it. Now when ever I start the game, I get sound but only a black screen and my monitor flashing out of display range or something. XP is fine, it automatically does down to 1024x768 when I close the black screened Far Cry.

I went into the Far Cry directory and into the bin32 folder and tried to change the resolution in the Far Cry Configurator, but it doesn't retain the change when I start the actual game.

I really don't want to uninstall as I'm like halfway through the game.
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  1. Surely it has save game files you can back-up?
  2. Yes, it does...I just didn't realize it; this is only the second PC game I've played (CoD was the 1st). I'm amazed Far Cry runs on my onboard Nvidia 6100 (although on the lowest settings at 1024x768 :cry: ). I did a re-install and it's fine.
  3. For future reference, you can usually get all the resolution changing info you need from http://www.widescreengamingforum.com. Just look for the game in their games list and they'll have links to forum entries describing different methods for most modern games, and many older titles. In the case of Far Cry, they had this.
  4. Thanks, tweakguide mentioned the .cfg file, but didn't specify how to change the rez through it.
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