SImcity 4 Graphical Problems

I installed SC4 today onto my new machine (which has been running dual EVE Online clients, and Halflife 2, on full graphics settings flawlessly), and its performing appallingly.

My new machine is:

Intel Core2Duo E6600
Asus P6B Deluxe
4 GB Corsair DDR2800 RAM
Radeon X1950 Pro 521mb graphics
WD Raptor 150gb SATA hard drive
Creative XiFi soundcard

The game defaults to maximum graphics settings, and I have all drivers completely up to date, but the CPUs run around 80% capacity, the graphics are very jerky, and the sound is jerky and staticy. I have the game patched to the latest version.

Any ideas on the problem? EAs tech support are yet to get back to me :roll:
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  1. I have the same problem.
    But if you turn shadows on Low everything should be all right. :twisted:
    The graphic is not very good but it work. :D

    I have C2D E6600
    MSI 975X Platinum Power Up
    ATi Radeon X1950XTX
    2GB RAM
  2. 1

    YES! GRR I have basically the same system as both of you. 1950xt
    I don’t want to dumb down the shadows to make this work, we have top of the line systems!
    I’ll try the software rendering option tonight but I don’t understand what this does.
    Just read some comments that ATI Radeon is not supported so try Software Rendering.
    Nothing is maxing my e6600 except this four year old game.
    Please post any fixes you might discover.

  3. Exact same problem with the following hardware:

    Core 2 Duo 6420
    2 GB G-Skill DDR2-800 Ram
    Asus P5B Plus
    EVGA GForce 7950GT KO Superclocked
    Creative Audigy 2 ZX Pro

    Crazy thing is, I loaded this game on my new build, first thing, once that hardware was up and running with all the latest patches and firmware and it ran great, totally maxed out. I have since loaded up all of my apps and such, and NOW it doesn't work.

    I have tried:

    Reinstalling Direct X
    Reinstalling Video Drivers
    Reinstalling Sound Card Drivers
    Reinstalling Game
    Updating, patching, reinstalling AntiVirus

    Things I have yet to try:

    Remove Antivirus (Symantec Corporate 10.1.5)
    Clock Ram higher (first time I tried the game, my RAM was at 2.0 voltage, I have since turned it down to Auto.)

    I, also, can run Half Life 2 at full settings flawlessly. Frustrating. I'll finish the things above, and try adjusting shadows down, and/or hardware vs. software rendering and let you guys know if I have any luck.

    I can't figure out what could have changed to make it run perfectly one day and crappy the next.... unless the version of Direct X got updated with Half Life 2, and the version that HL installed isn't liking SC4.

    UPDATE: Software rendering did the trick for me.
  4. Hi,

    Well, I got the same problems; running SC4 on a Dell Dimension 9100, 3.2 Ghz, 1 Gb, Radeon X850 XT PE with Omega-drivers.....

    It's extremely slow and scrolling isn't possibel when having a city of nearly 5 -10 blocks....

    Went for the patch, but that didn't help. I will try the Shadow - Low option.....
  5. I changed the setting Shadows to Low and now scrolling works fine and smooth!

    Running on 1280x1024 with all options on High (except Shadows) and the UI settings all 'On'.
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