battlestar galactica space sim, and wingcommander on xbox360

Im downloading freespace 2 right now, i already have freespace, freelancer,starlancer, mechwarrior 4,babylon 5(a free download), and sw starfighter(more of a arcade game), and i can never get enough of them. I mostly play freelancer with crossfire1.2mod, and mechwarrior, but I love them all. Seems like they are gonna start making our kind of games again.
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  1. They are making it for the Xbox360 so I expect they will be arcade-style "shoot-them-up".
    Star Trek Legacy is an example. Oh what a disapointment it was when it came out.

    I much prefer space simulations that are more complex and depend less on reflexes.

    I'm playing Eve online these days. What a great game, I totally love it.
  2. I assume you've tried X3 then? Only single-player, but has a lot of depth. "Elite" for the 21st century :D
  3. I tried X3. I tried for a few hours and gave up.
    With Eve, I fell in love after ten minutes
  4. I guess I'm boring then! I like that the X games may you work for it...
  5. No you're not boring. To each his own taste.

    Eve makes you work hard too BTW.
  6. What I've heard of Eve is that it makes you work hard in terms of time put in. X requires you to make complicated economic decisions. People who try to play it like Freespace quickly get disullisoned/bored because the combat model isn't the best (I-War was).
  7. If you want a complex combat engine, try Free Allegiance. you almost need a degree to fight well in that game. They actually have a remote academy process in which you have homework and tests.

    It's free by the way. Great game
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