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August 14, 2002 2:35:17 PM

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice/some explinations about a few motherboards. First off, don't tell me to avoid RDRAM because that is not an option at this point, so just assume that it must be an RDRAM board. =)

The main differences I have seen so far between the 2 boards is that the Abit TH7 has 4 ide channels while the Asus board only has 2 ide chanels. All other specs seem to be the same.

Now here is what confuses me... The Abit TH7 RAID is selling for $199 while the Asus P4T is selling for $222 (Canadian Prices, just bare with them). Why is the Asus board 30 dollars more when the Abit board has 2 more ide channels as well as built in raid and sound?

If anyone does not like these specific RDRAM boards, does anyone else have any other suggestions as to a better mobo?


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August 14, 2002 8:53:58 PM

Er, d00d, those boards are so outdated. Neither has the high speed DRCGs required to run your RDRAM at high speeds. You would need a newer board, like the Asus P4T533-C or Gigabyte GA-8IHXP.

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August 15, 2002 4:22:29 PM

I forgot to mention I already have a stick of PC800 16bit 256mb RDRAM (I'm running one of the p3 820 mobos). I'm still debating whether to get one of the 850e or 850 mobos. Since I'm probably not going to upgrade my ram anytime soon (except to get a new stick of PC800 so I can run them in pairs).

Which is why I mentioned the older DRCG 400mhz boards rather than the 533 ones. Just to double check DRCG is just the speed at which the FSB runs at correct?

If I were to get 850 chipset mobo which one would oyu suggest? To me it seems the Abit TH7-II RAID seems to be the best choice. for the 850e's it seems it seems both the gigabyte and asus are pretty much the same


August 15, 2002 5:00:15 PM

The 850E mobos are made with more modern tech. So, it'd probably be best. You can still run PC800 RDRAM on the 850E; actually they don't *officially* support PC1066. Just the non-Intel mobo makers basically integrated the PC1066 anyways. It's actually supposed to be used with a 100MHz FSB CPU, cause 100x4=400x2=PC800. But at 133MHz FSB, you get 133x4=532x2=~PC1066.

With your PC800, all you gotta do is go:

133x3=399x2=~PC800. So you'll be able to use your PC800 and get the newer chipset.

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