WOW - Latest Console Sales Figures

Xbox360 - 10.7MM units (no suprise here given it has a year head start)
PS3 - 1.6MM units
Wii - 4.9MM units

First, this confirms that PS3 - shortage or not (many US store inventories saying "not".. but Sony claims otherwise) - is in deep trouble.

Second, the success of the Wii should put to bed the whole debate about "PC Gamers" being the future. Clearly the masses do not care as much about graphics as the hardcore gamer does... it's about casual fun & price.

Also, there have been various news reports (I saw one on network news) about the health benefits of Wii. I think they said playing Wii for 30 mins burns 150 calories...

Couch potatoes rejoice!

Seriously, the word of mouth on Wii is awesome... they probably could have sold 8 million units already if they weren't inventory constrained.

Also, Xboxs are still selling very well for the hardcore segment.
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  1. Oh, and I've been trying to get a Wii from a retailer store from several months (I'm not paying for ebay premiums or dumb game bundles)... no luck. I wouldn't have no problem if I were in the market for an PS3 though.
  2. Wii is the only console I'd buy.
    I want it and I haven't used a console since the Super Nintendo/gameboy.
  3. Well thats not surprising, everyone wants a Wii! I bet it'll outsell the other consoles for atleast the next year or so and beat the xbox in no. of customers.

    I dont think it competes against the pc, on the contrary alot of pc gamers are buying the Wii :P
  4. I just bought another Wii for myself, and they are seriously hard to come by. Even harder to find are extra Wii Remotes and Nunchuks. The buzz is still strong but I Nintendo is going to be challenged in the next 8-10 months. There have been a lot of terrible third party ports for the Wii, and the release schedule for the rest of 2007 isn't as strong as I'd hoped (no Metroid). There's Super Mario Galaxy and a couple of thrid party titles like Mortal Kombat and Prince of Persia, but that's about it.

    Still, I find myself playing the Wii more than anything not because the launch titles are great but because I can download classic games and catch up on all the GameCube titles I missed like Resident Evil 4 and Eternal Darkness.

    The PS3 isn't going to catch up until some truly strong exclusive titles come out like MGS4. Churning out titles like Oblivion and Splinter Cell months after they've been released on other platforms isn't going to cut it.

    The 360 is the most intriguing. It's gotten a big boost from Gears of War, plus some huge titles like BioWare's Mass Effect and of course Halo 3 are coming. The biggest difference between the original Xbox and the 360 is that MS has done a much better job courting developers (and to some degree, buying them) to build exclusive titles on the platform.
  5. well I have all three and a decent pc and I have to say after about 3 months the wii got boring (not sure if thats the term ,maybe i just lost interest) after about 2 weeks I regretted buying the PS3 even RFOM gets boring, I tried passing some time by installing Linux but that only goes so far. the 360 i do seem to play allot. the pc well even though i have/played most games up to BF2142 it just does not have my attention anymore
    The 360 i guess wins because it spend most of my time playing it, and i just installed the tilt mod on it that makes it a little more interesting.
    I think what killed the wii for me was graphics, seeing better graphics on a ps2 or xbox is disappointing plus the lackluster games. I think after the controller hype passes people are in for a disappointment

    But then again i might just be crazy because i prefer the gamepad over the keyboard/mouse<--its just to easy
  6. Quote:
    MS has done a much better job courting developers (and to some degree, buying them) to build exclusive titles on the platform.

    *Shakes fists angrily*

    Any of you seen the first Halo vids, before M$ bought Bungie.. I have them on old CDs somewhere...

    I had fun with Halo on xbox though..
  7. Are you talking about the Halo E3 2000 video? I've already ranted about that somewhere. :x

    Though I don't blame MS. Halo (the first one) was a rehash of Oni...with a male lead...sci-fi...not martial arts...but other than that, it was a copy of Oni. :P

    *shakes fist at Bungie*
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