supreme Commander using only 1 core???

Today after I installed the first time supreme commander and tried it out on the first level I was getting about 60fps on average, I had planned to make a clean installation today and so I did (thought i'd yield even better results aswell), to my surprise I've formatted and installed windows XP twice and Vista once and on XP I keep getting the same results now (about 30-40fps), so I opened task manager and found out that only Core#1 was in use, on vista on the other hand it worked just fine (as far as the use of both cores, but I have a series of issues with vista drivers so that's not a viable option for the time being).

I just reinstalled XP and keep getting the same results as before (using only one core), and the only things I have installed are the motherboard drivers and both service packs.

I do recall installing a microsoft dual-core patch before (that was on my original installation) and changing something in the registry from a guide in gamespot, and I tried redoing what the guide said but it didn't work.

Anyone got any ideas?

CPU = C2D E6400 (never overclocked)
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  1. Try this:

    I know you mentioned the patch from Microsoft but after the patch you have to do some registry tweaking as well. Give it a try.
  2. Yeah I tried that last night on a desperate attempt, didn't work
  3. Well you can always try and uninstall that patch and give the game a try because i have heard mixed opinions about tha patch, for some people it did the opposite. Disabled the 2nd core instead of enable it.
  4. okay... ill try

    EDIT: May sound stupid... but how do I uninstall it? I can't find it anywhere on Add/Remove programs list.
  5. On the top of the list you should have a button to show software updates.
    Than it will show all the microsoft updates and you uninstall them.
  6. Did you look on the GPG's forums? There's a thread about dual cores...
  7. Hey guys!

    I'm having the same kind of problem, though a bit different.

    Running SupCom on a quad core, and to begin with, it worked fine! No lag ever, at all. Now I'm playing it, and it's only using 1 core, and lagging to hell and back. It will go for a few minutes working fine, then my core will spike to 100% usage for 20-30 seconds (Sometimes more) And then back down to playing smoothly. It's so weird! Anyone else having this issue and/or know of a solution?

    eVGA 680i
    Intel Q6600 @ 2.4
    2 gigs of 4-4-4-12 timing RAM (Forget the brand)
    eVGA GeForce 8800GT
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