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First, I will be cross-posting this message in all OS areas because I beleive it can happen in any OS.

Running 98SE on an old laptop as a 4th pc in the house. Somewhere along the line my browser IE was hi-jacked. My homepage has been changed to If I change it back to my comcast homepage it stays there only untill I reboot. If I do a search from the Google Toolbar I get{search text} at, not Google. I have run Spy-Bot, AdAware, NAV, RegCleanerPro, removed and installed Google, and checked running processes and services. No luck fixing this. Some keywords may be - search with us!, search-dot, and, maximum search. ANY IDEAS ?

For it is not what is seen, but what is not seen. :eek:
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  1. All 4 PC's connected to the int.

    Too many PC's on the line ?

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  2. Their is a program called hijacked that unhijacks your browser. Maybe I saw it at

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  3. Thanks all. Got it. Ran Spy-Bot again after updating. It found 9 hijack entries. My homepage and all search sites were redirected to the same search-dot IP address. Spy-Bot made the repairs.
    Everything is good again.

    For it is not what is seen, but what is not seen. :eek:
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