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First, I will be cross-posting this message in all OS areas because I beleive it can happen in any OS.

Running 98SE on an old laptop as a 4th pc in the house. Somewhere along the line my browser IE was hijacked. My homepage has been changed to If I change it back to my comcast homepage it stays there only untill I reboot. If I do a search from the Google Toolbar I get{search text} at, not Google. I have run Spy-Bot, AdAware, NAV, RegCleanerPro, removed and installed Google, and checked running processes and services. No luck fixing this. Some keywords may be - search with us!, search-dot, and, maximum search. ANY IDEAS ?

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  1. You have got some one hacking your computer so if i were you i would just re-install my os all over because as you said you have done alot of system checks. So the easiest way is to reinstall the OS.
  2. Rather than trashing your OS install and formatting, you could try directions here:

    After that, I would suggest finding a good tutorial on securing IE, make sure you ahve all windows updates installed, use a popup blocker, and don't download shareware/freeware from internet.
  3. Or you could just download CWshredder and have it clean out the browser hijacker. Sounds like you have a variant of CoolWebSearch.
  4. Thanks all. Got it. Ran Spy-Bot again after updating. It found 9 hijack entries. My homepage and all search sites were redirected to the same search-dot IP address. Spy-Bot made the repairs.
    Everything is good again.

    For it is not what is seen, but what is not seen. :eek:
  5. Good as far as it goes. If you want to keep this kind of thing from happening again, then get yourself a copy of WinPatrol (freeware) and let it keep an eye on that kind of thing. It will also alert you if something tries to install a program to run at system startup, which is another spyware/adware trick.

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