Bluetooth drivers for windows 7 hp bh 503 is not getting detec :(


My hp dv6 laptop with win 7 OS is not able to detect the BH503 blue tooth headset.Please provide me a solution.

Please help me.
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  1. does it not detect the headphones or the dongle? is the dongle USB?
  2. It is not detecting the Nokai bh503 bluetooth headset.I can connect the laptop to the pc which has a bluetooth dongle.It is not detecting the headset alone.
  3. are you trying to do this across a network? your answer is confusing, did you enable the bluetooth in the Control Panel, a.Click the Start button , click Control Panel,
    click Hardware and Sound, and then click Bluetooth Devices.

    b.Click Add, and then follow the instructions.
  4. I did that all.....
    The problem is my windows 7 OS in hp dv6 laptop is not detecting my bh503 bluetooth headset.
    Hope this is clear.
  5. "I can connect the laptop to the pc" everything was fine till I saw that, So you did go to the Control Panel and made sure the device was enabled?
  6. I did go to the control panel and searched but it is not detecting my bluetooth headset but it is detecting my mobile phone, my desktop.
  7. maybe the headset has a problem, like defective, especially since the other devices work fine
  8. Aah come on,I can connect it to my works superb without any little distraction. I searched about this in Google and seems many has this problem in connecting the headset to their laptop and desktop,but eventually it is working for them.I tried the steps they told me but in vain.
  9. I like all this after information, but I see what you mean lots of problems, little help, nokia forums/help terrible here is Vista, but it maybe useful:Here is your guide how to connect the headphones with Vista laptop:
    1. Be sure that your phone has bluetooth turned off
    2. Prepare your Vista bluetooth menu for new deviece discovery, but don’t turn it on. (you don’t want to waste time configuring your Vista bluetooth later)
    3. Turn on your headphones, but hold on the power button longer until you’ll get rapidly changing blue light.
    4. Start deviece discovery
    5. After Vista found Bh-503 headphones pair them with your own number: “0000″
    6. Now all you’ve got to do is to switch the deviece which is used for sound output. For example to hear music from wmp11 and vista in bh-503 you’ve got to go to wmp-> options->settings->devieces->loudspeakers and select bh-503 as default.
    7. Restart wmp and there you go!
  10. Thanks for the steps.

    I tried this in my desktop which has win xp,it identified the headset.
    I then opened wmp 9 and tried to play the song via bluetooth headset,it didn't work.Can you provide the steps involved in win xp..I don't see loudspeakers,I saw speakers and even when I clicked,it didn't show bh503 headset.
    I tried the same in win7 it didn't identify the headset still.
  11. update to WMP11 is smartest. but in XP you have issues, look here:, even though it's different device, bluetooth is bluetooth, so take a look and see if it helps( sorry about getting back late but that took a few min to find the right one)
  12. My laptop and desktop both detecting it but not playing the music via it.
    I tried changing the default sound device,in laptop even though it showed the blue tooth headset in default device,it is not playing the song but I can hear the other system sounds via blue tooth headset.In my desktop I can't do anything.
    Thanks for your suggestions,it helped me a lot.Have to make it work..let me see...
  13. does the laptop have WMP11?
  14. It has wmp12.
  15. HMM< and selecting the bluetooth device as the output device doesn't work-
    buggy device
    go to your HD sound manager and see if you can select it there in the speakers tab
  16. I made it to finally work..but in that process I removed the existing speaker settings :P
    Now I have to resume that! wow...its a painful process..
    Thanks for helping me out! thank you very much :)
  17. Good Luck
  18. so please tell us how did you make it ? I am pairing the bh-503 with my laptop but the quality of the sound is so bad =(
  19. How did you get it play via your bluetooth headphones.... Could u tell me layman terms.... I have bh-214 and i have finally got it to connect to my laptop but its still not playing.... i tried the speaker thing i think.... i have a win 7 with media player....does that help....
  20. thank a lot for this thread guys
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