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im not sure why its happening it doesnt happen very often but after a while of leaving my pc on for one day loading up wow on and off eventually one of up load ups of this game will cause my pc to just instantly restart without any warning, is this normal of overstressing my system or possibly hardware issue?
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  1. Are you overclocking anything? How is your case temperature?
  2. nothing is overclocked everything at retail speeds gfx card idle at 52-53c
    stays about the same while playing wow
  3. What are your system specs?

    What temp is your CPU at? Motherboard? PSU? etc.
  4. AMD64 AM2 3500+
    Asus M2N4-SLI
    GeForce 7900GS
    2.0Gb DDR2 533 Kingston (4x512)

    CPU: 48-50c
    MB: 34c
    GFX: 54c
  5. I had a problem similar. My particular fix was blowing out the dust bunnies from my video card. Of course my particular card has a full solid aluminum enclosure so its good at trapping dust.
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