Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Purchase Decision Questions

I'm thinking of buying it for pc, it's well worth the $15 since it has a very good online mod.

But, they only have second edition (which removes several things if I am not mistaken)

Are there any disadvantages of this? I heard there is a patch to go back to 1.0, is this true?

Any help or links are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Its defiantly worth it on the PC, the game looks great. There is a user made patch that reverts the game back to 1.01. I myself haven't installed it but its out there. Check various GTA fan site forums for it.

    While playing the game I only encountered one flaw and that is the game doesn't like dual/multi core PCs. The game runs fine for a while but eventually speeds up. It is an easy fix by just setting the affinity to a single core and the game with run like it should.
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