Steam Vs. EA Games

Which do you think is better?Why? Thank you, Patrick
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  1. i don't care, as long as they release new games with cool graphics
  2. I don't use EA Link, I would, if it removed the damn cd checks, I would.
    Supreme Commander's last patch removed cd check, thank god Guild Wars, UT2k4, and HL games don't require cd checks, oblivion no cd (yea, I own it, and the overpriced knights of the nine, fun though, too much $), so I only need to keep my BF2 cd in.
  3. EA games rushes out too many unfinished games with no polish, then 10 patches (with the 8th one crashing paid-for ranked servers every 30 minutes), and then releases an expansion AND 3 "booster packs" to make sure you can buy something from EA every few months.

    Does anyone really believe you can program a reliable and polished game when you're releasing booster packs and expansions with that frequency? Now add in the fact that they're making TOO MANY games to pay enough attention to any one of them and get it right.

    You know, I love playing BF2. I love the way you communicate with squad members, squad leader and commander. good teamwork improves this game immensely (as difficult and rare as it is). Its communication and command structure were excellent and the voip was clear and well done.

    But, the demo was virtually unplayable, and the initial game release was riddled with bugs. To this day, rockets still frequently pass directly through vehicles and tanks, among other glitches I'm sure other people could list (I do not play it much anymore).

    When it comes to Valve, I have a hard time complaining. Though the Steam interface seemed annoying upon first glance, once I got used to it I loved the idea. Patch downloads could not be easier if they tried, you don't have to open the games to search for servers, you can download and install games you've paid for without having any cd's. I found Halflife 2 to be virtually bug-free and ran extremely smoothly through the 3 different video cards I have played it on and various settings. Episode 1 was well done and CHEAP! I await portals, episode 2 and TFC2 with anticipation of a well designed game with plenty of time between for them to finish it. Add in the independent game developers releasing games on it, the numerous mods available, and I love Valve.
  4. Valve

    for all the reasons listed above, i dont think anyone could argue that EA releases great finished games.

    EA = BS
  5. lol, no love for EA Link, eh?
  6. ehh , personally, i like Counter-Strike: Source, and Half-Life series too, but medal of honor allied assault was good too, and they don't finish games....but the point of this was my friends says counter strike sucks, and it's a horrid game, yet he's never played nor seen it. He plays battlefield 2 which i played, and i get anoyed with the stupid patches and "booster packs" reminds me of pokemon cards back in the day....
  7. Haha, it's 100% Valve in the poll numbers. I voted for Valve as well. I feel like they are in it for the community, wheras EA is more of a corporation concerned with money. Now, there's nothing wrong with a corporation being concerned about money. In fact, since EA employs a lot of people and pays for a lot of health insurance, they had better be concerned about the money. However, I think Valve really wants to make good games.
  8. Valve, not that they're perfect but they seem to put a lot more effort into having a quality product AT RELEASE than most other gaming companies. Steam has had it's issues but is pretty easy to use for the most part.
  9. Very true, yet the past couple days, Xfire, has been causing Counter-Strike: Source to crap out! Xfire...bad stuff...
  10. I installed EALink yesterday, omfg what a waste of space, I can't seem to get anything done but buying crappola games that I already bought! It doesn't even detect games that I have installed!
  11. Valve! Why? Because they support their products EIGHT YEARS AFTER RELEASE. EA, you are lucky to get six months!

    (Half Life is still being updated with regular patches to increase the quality of the game, by allowing higher resolutions, little network bugs, and such.)

    Steam's a good product, if it wasn't for Steam, I would of had to re-buy Half Life after the storage was robbed (I lost almost all of my games). In fact, the next game I'm buying is Half Life 2 instead of Command and Conquer 3.... Simply because of the reliability I need. I'll buy C&C3 later.
  12. Weird. I bought every EA Fifa game from 1999 to 2005 and not one of them crashed.

    Whilst EA shamelessly milked the franchise with incremental changes every year, it would be unfair to say that the games were unstable. I guess EA Sports did more testing than their colleagues...
  13. valve definatly, not only does it's online distrobution service actually, and pretty darn good, but it offers many games from many different game developers. recently it started offering eidos games like deus ex, thief, and commandos.

    not to mention they the support the mod community religiously. mod developers get the newest revisions of the source engine to mess around with, and the sdk is constanlty updated.
  14. valve definitly has it over ea. hl2 and dods are 2 of the best games around. no problems running any valve games compared to ea. case in point, bf2, that game could be really fun if they fix all the bugs. if i see too many more connection problem errors the game is going in the trash.
  15. It's not the actually game that crashes, it's caused by Xfire, such as a Xfire pop up comes up saying they did something wrong. :lol:
  16. Quote:
    It's not the actually game that crashes, it's caused by Xfire, such as a Xfire pop up comes up saying they did something wrong. :lol:

    it's true there have been some issues with xfire and BF2, but I never turn on xfire anymore and BF2 gives me a "connection problem" almost every time the round ends and the server changes maps. It usually still moves past it and continues to the next map anyways, but this never used to occur for me in past patches. GJ fixes causing incorrect "connection problem" errors.

    I recently went to a small LAN party and even on the gbit LAN I still got that "connection problem" for a moment when switching maps. that's just retarded.
  17. That happens at the end of every round, i've seen it since I started playing, now it actually lasts on screen for more than a second, sometimes up to 3. Everyone I know gets it, on every computer i've seen.

    And it happens in 2142.
  18. Hm, maybe it's a software glitch, they are going to have to reprogram the "level switching" part if you will... disregard anything i say, ive been doing physics papers out the wazoo
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