Webhosting closes account after hack

Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right forum for this but maybe someone can help me....

I had webhosting from totalinternetsolutions.com

Recently, my joomla site was hacked and the defaced the front page.
Anyways I put in a ticket asking for help from the host.

The called me on my phone and told me that BY LAW any site that gets hacked has to be terminated. That means my account, which had more than a year left, is now gone with no refund. So I am left with nothing and my domain is also now kept with them til 2014.

Is this legit? I mean....did they HAVE TO BY LAW terminate my thing? I didn't see it in their terms either..... Any help wold be great thanks!
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  1. If it was hacked their not allowed to do that i don't think i would assume it's their problem for having shitty security
  2. That is ILLEGAL. If a site is maliciously hacked it was not your doing. Request a refund.
  3. A good Webhosting service provider can give security for custamers for to avoid hackers.ex:anybody try to hack google email id they failed because of security question option. so ask for refund.
  4. If u r doing anything illegal in that website if thats the reason for government to block u no refund will possible.
  5. It being mandatory by law is complete and utter BS. It's, in fact, illegal for them to do what they did without offering a refund - I'd be demanding my entire cost back, and they should consider themselves lucky you don't sue.
  6. Taking them to court is the only way to get a refund from a web hosting company.
    - You'll win the case easily so long as you've kept records and the like.
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