Why do my games keep randomly freezing?

Battlefield - 6/7 times it froze. Everytime it did I had to shutdown the PC with the power button. Each time its different, all but one time was when I engaged in battle, the one time it wasnt was when I hit a spawn point.

Thief - froze 1/1 times I played. I had gotten almost to the 3rd level when it froze. I didnt save since the begining of the level so I had no reason to play it again cause I was so mad.

Oblivion - Froze 3/4 times, the 3 times were random. One time was when I hit done when making a character. The fourth time didnt have time to freeze cause it was only about 2 minutes of play...I had to test my computers strength.

Call Of Duty expansion - 1/1 It froze when I was running to a fox hole...I went the wrong way, something hit me, and it froze.

I tried other games, but nothing really had much time to freeze. Just testing the highest graphics I could...

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200
M2N-E ASUS motherboard
2 gigs corsair dual channel ram
7900 256mb Nvidia

I downloaded all the updates, did defrags, virus scans...everything...and I am completely out of ideas.
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  1. How good is the power supply?

    There are crashes with those games, but not too frequently like that.. could be power, does windows itself crash without playing games?
  2. No just games. I have the Corsair 520watt...I think its 520...but I had a problem earlier. When Oblivion crashed, I couldn't do anything on the desktop. It said I didnt have adminastrative control or something. I couldnt restart, taskbar was froze, and task manager wouldnt work. Its weird.
  3. It could also be a heat problem. Gaming taxes the video card more so than just desktop apps, and a high heat situation can cause lockups. Also, overclocking makes games less stable.
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