Oblivion AA + HDR: ASUS x1950Pro

Well, basically I have been playing Oblivion without HDR for a few days.

I love HDR, but can't tolerate those jagged edges.

I have the latest driver from ATI and I use ATI Tray Tools.

First, I tried forcing 2x AA from Tray Tools, but it didn't work.

So, I downloaded the Chuck patch and tried to install. The problem is here. When I try to install the patch I get an error saying it could not recognize my video card???

After this, I redownloaded my driver and included the CCC this time and also re-downloaded the chuck patch from a different site. Still no go...

I found a chuck patch utility from techpowerup that is suppose to let you enable/disable the patch with a simple restart. When I run this program, my system freezes upon boot up (after logged into windows). I had to go into Safe Mode and delete the utility.

This is annoying, I really want AA + HDR in Oblivion. I already have to go through Gothic 3 with Bloom and no AA...

Does anyone have any advice, tips, or suggestions as to where my problem lies?
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  1. Just in case it helps, I play at 1680x1050
  2. No help? This makes me sad.... :cry:
  3. Might be better to seek advice from the video card section, I can't help since I use 7800gs, and can't run oblivion with HDR and AA, only HDR, and max res of 1280x1024...................
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