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Hey guys I will upgrade my system next week. I'm keeping the following components: SB Live 5.1, Maxtor 40gb HD 7200 rpm ATA 100, Generic 300 watt PS, Sony DVD, HP 8x4x32 burner and my Geforce 3 TI 200 Vid card(Visiontek).

I'm thinking of buying the following components: Mobo Gigabyte 7VRXP, 1800XP chip, 512mb PC 2700.

What do you think, wise choices or not?

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  1. The Gigabyte Ga-7VRXP has been known to have many instability issues and problems, i'd avoid it, there are better choices out there. The 1800+ isn't bad, but for like another $10 or $20 you could probably get a 2000+, nice boost. Everything else is fine. Make sure your power supply will handle the new parts, 300 watts sometimes has a trouble handling AXPs if it's a lower end generic brand.

    True dumbass:
    aha!! it has some kind of cuts, hehehe"
    have you ever seen smoke from a seagate?
  2. Suggest you using EPoX EP-8K5A2+.
    It use vt8235 and support USB2.0.
  3. lol visiontek just went out of busness!

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But not without Cache our a decent chipset!!! :cool: </b>
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