Wii or xbox360??

I have £200 to buy a console and I am stuck between the Wii and xbox360. I already have a decent PC whcih I mainly use and the console would be used by me and my younger brothers (6 and 11). I like the Wii because it offers a change to the pc and I like the conrols. I think most of the games on the 360 are available or will be available on the pc? (like UT3, quake wars, oblivion) On the other hand I am afraid that there are not enough great games on the Wii comming out in the futur and the contoller would get a bit boring?

appreciate opinions! :D
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  1. What do they think?

    Myself, I would go to the Wii, because I want xbox to just die.. I have my reasons.

    *cough* not many, if at all console ports from the wii *cough*
  2. I would vote wii. Even though I feel the x-box 360 is better that the PS3 a lot of the x-box games (not all but a lot of them) will eventually turn up on the PC.

    I suppose the wii experience would be something totally different.
  3. Wii here as well - your PC can play most of the 360 games (or similar ones anyway), and the Wii is just truly different and fun...
  4. Wii is perfect for your younger siblings... I am going wii for family/friend gaming and PC for my hardcore needs.
  5. Just for reference info. I'm 37, an MCSE/MCT and a longtime, diehard PC gamer. I hate console controllers which is why I'm not a big fan of PSx, xBox, gamecube, etc.

    The controller is the main reason I bought a Wii. My son had a PS2 (ver.10) until it died and currently has a n64, xBox and 360.

    I have Excite Truck, FarCry, WiiSports, TigerWoods and Blazing Angels. My son has GearsOfWar, FarCry, etc, etc, etc..

    What I find interesting is that after about an hour, all his friends are pestering me to play on the Wii. Yea the xBox has better graphics, but the quality of play isn't as good as a Wii.

    If I were you, I'd buy a Wii first. Get an extra Wiimote and Nunchuck though.

    You'll get a workout with the Wii though. It truly is an amazing system. I find I'm playing it more than PC games nowadays and looking forward to new games. I was never like that except for Quake2 and UT2004.
  6. Ok thanks everyone for the relpies. I am moving towards the Wii but my only problem is about the games. Are there any new good titles comming out this year I mean because at the end of the day it comes down to the quality and number of the games that are available?

    thoughts again plz? :D
  7. Meh. If you don't have a lot to spend on a system, then you won't have a lot to spend on games. There aren't a lot of must-haves now, but they'll probably trickle out at the rate that you can afford them until next winter. So just enjoy the Wii ride.

    BTW, I personally have both systems. I play the 360 a lot more by myself, but unless I'm online, the Wii is my best bet for multiplayer. Only my brother and a few friends will play the 360 with me. Everyone (everyone!) but my mom will play the Wii, and she won't because she's addicted to Animal Crossing on the DS. :wink: :lol:
  8. You can check the following sites for info on current and upcoming games on the wii



    Hope that helps :)
  9. Ok so Im gonna get the Wii. There are quite a few good games comming out I can see and Im only gonna buy a game every couple of months. One more quesiton. What the heck is a nunchuck?? No seriously I mean do you think it is worth buying and do you need it to play some games? Just wondering about whether its worth it or not.

  10. ok thanks I think Ill just pick one up as well :D
  11. I might have missed the boat on this one, but I'd go with 360 because it has the titles. I like Xbox Live as a service quite a bit, too, although Nintendo putting Tecmo Bowl on the VC is a strong strong move.
  12. i agree it has better titles but I have a pc where I do most of my serious gaming and online play and most of the games on the xbox are available on the pc anyway (graw, assassins creed, bioshock, quake wars etc).

    Sorry but Ive already made up my mind :D
  13. You made the right choice IMO. The Wii as a departure for the hardcore PC gamer is just a fun env. Not to mention the absolute classics avaiable for download (SMB, Metroid, Zelda on NES! killer)
  14. I'd actually recommend against the Wii. It's been my experience that while fun to play, the Wii is not a console I would enjoy playing over and over. I like it at my friend's house and it's fun to play with him--but other than that I don't think I would game on it regularly.

    If you like nice graphics a 360 vs a Wii is really a no-brainer.
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