UT99 is still alive!

In case anyone is still playing this game, drop by and frag us!

The United Fraggers Speed League is holding a open-invitation tournament, for more information go here:

Setup for UFSL2

How to sign up for UFSL2

Never played 125 speed CTF, but want to try it out? Check out...

Speedpug - 125 speed regular weapon CTF PUG Servers
#speedpug on irc.gameradius.org

{FOCR} - 125 speed regular weapon CTF Public Servers
#focr on irc.gameradius.org
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  1. Of course it's alive, it's one of the best games ever happened. :bounce:
  2. I played that game like 2-3 years after it first came out and I thought it was better than 99% of the current games at the time. For a game from '99 it has awesome graphic and game play.
  3. Try also the sniper mod where you have only the translocator and a slightly modified sniper rifle! It rocks, and you dont' have to be a keyboard jockey or have magnificent ping to rule the roost!
    See for example www.amlp.info for more info.
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