PS3 Euro launch flopped.

It seems sony is not doing well with the euro launch of the PS3.

In France they had planned a big launch event at the foot of the Eiffel tower. They had planned for 3000 people but only 100 turned up. There were actually much less playstation 3 buyers than journalists! Of the 1000 PS3 sony had planned for the event only about 50 were sold. Also Microsoft passed by in a boat to taunt the sony execs. If you speak french you can read all about sony's french rout there:,,3419458,00-lancement-playstation-fait-bide-.html

In Uk sony seemed to fare a little better, but the main London store open for the launch (virgin megastore on Oxford street) only saw about 100 customers. To thank them Sony offered each buyer of a PS3 a free sony bravia LCD worth more than 3 times the price of a PS3 though. You can read all about it there:

In Belgium (where I live) I went this evening to mediamarkt (the local best buy) and there was a pile of PS3 amongst a lot of promotional material. I spent 30 minutes in the shop and not one console sold during that time.

I think sony really let europeans down: the machine is more expensive here because you can only buy the 60 gb model (which costs around $750 here by the way), 4 months late, and doesn't include the PS2 chipsed the US console has (which means that only 70% of PS2 games works, and of these most have glitches, freezes, screen coruption etc...). Also the machine is overpriced because of blue ray. I used to be sony fan (I own a PS2), but when I see how sony treated us europeans I am glad the PS3 launch flopped over here.
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  1. I wonder if those Londoners can return the PS3 and keep the TV?

    That would rock.

  2. Yep, it would be nice if they could keep the telly...

    On another note, I went shopping this midday and the mediamarkt still had a big pile of PS3 and we are now 3 days after the launch. One toy shop is now offering buyers one free PS3 game of their choice when buying the €599 playstation 3.

    They are already starting to offer free games to help shift the units 3 days after the launch!

    Also PS3 games seem to be selling well considering not many poeple own the machine in the UK.

    Believe what you wish..

    Also doesn't it make sense to ship in large quantaties so that everyone who genuinely wants a PS3 gets one, makes business sense to me & saves folks having to fork out a fortune on Ebay etc...

    Or should ever company under supply & get this scenario, Oh we must have an amazing system/fanbase as we've sold out....
  4. Quote:
    I wonder if those Londoners can return the PS3 and keep the TV?

    That would rock.


    haha or if they would keep giving out those tv's to everyone in uk :roll: :roll:
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