EPOX 8K9A3+ Motherboard Delivery?

I really want the EPOX 8K9A3+ Motherboard now!

I need a new Motherboard now with the KXT400 Chip Set and with USB 2.0.

What is the delivery time frame for this Motherboard?

One Week?
One Month?
Three Months?


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  1. well as ive seen pics of it circulating about i would say no longer than a month.

    course you oculd always get the 5a+... same as the 3a+ cept its got usb2.0
    the 5a+ is out now, plus both do 166fsb reliably allready.

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But not without Cache our a decent chipset!!! :cool: </b>
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