Gigabyte GA-7VRXP lives up to hype

As an independent motherboard tester for various computer stores i recently tested the via kt333 chipset boards for the athlon xp/duron processors, and as toms came to in their conclusion in may when they tested i believe 20 athoon boards this board is far and away the best board ive ever seen. It won every category of testing including arithmetic benchmarking,fps in multiple games, and overall multitasking and rendering. I liked the board so muc i actually went out and bought one for myself and have built a new pc with an athlon xp 2100 and i should say it is extremely fast and reliable. the overclocking is ver simple due to a program that comes with it called easy tune. The only board that came even close in any catgories was the soyo kt333 dragon ultra. so if your looking for the best mobo out there for an athlon get the gigabyte ga-7vrxp you wont regret it.
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  1. i suggest you have a search through this forum... a considerable number of people have had significant problems with it.

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But not without Cache our a decent chipset!!! :cool: </b>
  2. Alright, I gotta jump on the bandwagon here. I've sold over 25 GigaByte motherboards, and have 0 issues with any of them. They are the best boards I've come across, having had countless issues with Tyan, Abit, and Asus. The GA-7VRXP 2.0 in particular is the best Athlon board I have used to date. I have sold 5 of them with no issues whatsoever, and all of them top the charts in performance compared to anything I've done before (save perhaps some dual systems). I wonder if the problem people are having aren't related to overclocking or bad RAM. I never overclock my customer's computers (mine are a different story!), and I always use high quality CAS2 RAM from Crucial, Kingston, or Corsair (my favorite being Corsair XMS). I really wonder if RAM might not be the issue many people are facing with GigaByte or Soyo boards. Maybe I've just had incredible luck, but that doesn't seem likely...

    Aaron D. Priest
    Coastal Technologies
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