DDR and PC100?

I'm attempting to upgrade my 800mhz system into the 1ghz range. I'm also trying to do it for less than $150. Hence, I'm looking at Athlon XP 1800 motherboard/cpu combos. The catch is that since I'm trying to do this cheaplyI don't want to have to buy DDR ram to replace my PC100 ram just yet.
So- two part question, 1) Is there a board of reasonable quality that will support both DDR and PC100, and 2) Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative motherboard/cpu combos that would give me the increase in processor speed and let me continue to use my old ram?

Thanks for any assistance!

(I'd rather avoid any onboard LAN, sound, video, etc)
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  1. If you care about performance at all and want this upgrade to actually count, so to speak, I advise against a dual DDR/SDRAM mobo. Almost all boards that support DDR & SDRAM are old and perform very badly. DDR makes a noticeable difference in performance. soooo let's look at what we can do for you today.


    We can get you Samsung 256MB of PC2100 DDR 266 RAM shipped fedex 2-day from googlegear for <A HREF="http://www.googlegear.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=80382-1" target="_new">$55</A>

    Leaves me with $95... umm okay let's go with a great priced Duron 1.2GHz for <A HREF="http://www.googlegear.com/jsp/ProductList.jsp?ThirdCategoryCode=010410" target="_new">$39,</A> also w/ free fedex 2-day from googlegear.

    I'm now at $54, I just might do it. We'll I'm $5 over, but that ain't bad considering these are new, good-name brand components from reputable retailer's. So I've found a shuttle ak31A mobo, with the KT266A chipset which is one of the better performing chipsets for Athlon/Duron's and it is very stable and has an moderate array of features for $59 from newegg! I recommend this board, it's actually the board in my system now and I haven't any issues or complaints. Also newegg has a refurb AK31A for $35, something to consider maybe?

    Also you may need a better cooler for the 1.2GHz duron, prolly run $15 for a good one. Also consider the retail Duron at googlegear for $53 and avoid a cooler altogether.

    So approx $20 overbudget isn't bad. You're getting all name-brand and solid products, as well you have room to upgrade to an AXP later if you wish. Also eBay your old ram, mobo, and CPU and you might end up doing this for much less than you think! Goodluck with whatever you do!

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  2. At newegg.com:
    athlon xp1600 $54.99 (free shipping)
    simple technologies 256 megs pc2100 $62 (free shipping)
    biostar M7VIB-a kt266a motherboard $35 (refurbished, free shipping)
    coolermaster DP5-6131c socket a heatsink $7 ($4 shipping)

    Total $163

    Give up pizza or big macs for a couple of weeks, and you should have enough to make up the difference.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I've seen the wisdom in giving up my half gig of PC100 ram and sucking it up to buy the DDR stuff.
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