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Hi all. I have a decent computer w/ pretty decent graphics card.
(dual core opteron 170 socket 939, 7900gs, 2GB)

I'd like to get a few games with lots of Wow factor. I'm already into some RTS games (Age of Empires, Command and Conquer), and I play World of Warcraft too. But I'd like something that will look as good as God Of War on the PS2. Something where you run around in crazy looking environments and deal with crazy looking cratures.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Really? Not a single suggestion?
  2. Would "spore" fit your bill?
  3. Thanks choknuti. That does look amazing. I've been reading about that for a while now. I will definitely be getting Spore when it is available. But right now I'm trying to concentrate on games that exist. :)

    Here's what I'm getting at... whenever I see games demo'd on TV or in stores for the consoles (PS3, Gamecube, etc) I see all sorts of amazing images, like where you run along a strand of rope that's undulating, or where you collect weapons like gravity bombs and the like. Just looking at a demo for God of War is amazing.

    I'm really lookning for some simple to learn, amazing to watch kind of stuff. So far, most games I have for the PC are fairly slow moving, or not very exciting (comapratively). I figure I must be looking at the wrong games. What should I be looking at ??
  4. I would be hard to recommend something that's similar to god of war since I do not know what that game is like, but based on the fact that you like RTS I could recommend the following:

    1. For fast action in a fantastic SciFI universe - Warhammer 40k
    2. The best RTS currently out there - The WWII based Company of Heroes
    3. For very large scale battles (the whole war in RTS) - Supreme commander
    4. Nice RTS battles and turn based strategy mix (medieval setting) - Medieval II total war

    Thats all I can think of now.
  5. Try oblivion if you like RPG
  6. I guess the closest thing to God of War would be something like Prince of Persia on the PC. In that game you have to do all kinds of athletic moves (running along walls, etc) and you have a chain to kill enemies just like in God of War. I have that game and i love it.

    Have a look at some of the videos. You can pick this game up for next to nothing now because it is kind of old.

    Other games you might like would be any of the Splinter Cell games or Oblivion like yas mentioned before me.
    It depends what kind of gameplay you prefer. I like them all depends on my mood what i want to play but best to have variety. :)
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