Recommend a good first RPG *with no magic*

I have never really given an RPG a real chance, but i have recently been playing an online based RPG called Fallen Sword and im hooked!! i went out and brought Elderscrolls 4 Oblivion and while very impressed with the gorgous visuals i just dont like the whole magic aspect, i just want a simple upgrade your armour/weapon/attack/defence skills type game magic never has been my thing and is whats put me off till now. Hope you can give me a few pointers cos theres too many RPGs out there for me to keep buying and not liking them!!

Thanks in advance.

P.S take a look at fallen sword if you havent already!
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  1. They are a bit old but if you are looking to role play, have multiple solutions to a problem, great dialog, Your actions counting in the gameworld, type of game then look no further than fallout 1&2. If you don't know it is set in a post apocalyptic world with mutants. Be careful of you are a moralist though.

    Bethseda (developer of oblivion) has acquired the license to fallout 3 so you should be able to look forward to that.

    Another set of scifi rpg that are worth playing are the Star Wars: knights of the old republic series. They are relatively new but if asked which is better I would vote for fallout.
  2. Fallout /moan
    If Fallout 3 is ever released, im so gonna buy it.
    Tactics was such a let down...
  3. Quote:

    Tactics was such a let down...

    How true. I guess its greatest problem was that people were expecting a RPG when it was developed as a strategy game with RPG elements and not the other way around.
  4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, set on the chernobyl area on 2012 after another explosion on the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant, the military has seized control over the area and lets nobody in, you assume the role of a stalker, sort of a treasure hunter, looking for artifacts (items created out of extreme radiation with different effects) and other technology, as a stalker you're considered a thief so the military faction will be up your ass, there also other factions such as Freedom, Duty, Monolith, etc...

    Just finished it, superb game (its a shooter RPG, brings the best out of both worlds), has different endings (5 fake, 2 true ones)... liked the rich ending (fake) the most out of all.. :P
  5. I know you said you don't like the magic stuff. I didn't really either before I tried Morrowind. Well, that game led me to another game that I can only suggest to you if you are willing to be extremely addicted to a game, WOW. It is one of the best games I've ever played, and definately the most addictive.
  6. Try Everquest if you wanna try something addictive. =)
    Play a non caster class if you dont like magic, its still fantasy though.
    If your looking for Sci-Fi, this isn't the game.
    EQ is in to their 13tht exspansion and next is due Oct.
    Unlike WoW its really time consuming while WoW is more modern with more "login and play just 1hr" content.
    Everquest is getting more of that now but its still the 2hr+ raids is where the fun lies.
    You won't max level a char the normal way in a week or 4 in EQ, expect months of trying to max your char.

    Oh yeah Star Wars:KOTOR is probably the best rpgs i played, to bad the new Star Wars rpg won't be released to PC cause "PCs won't make hardware reqs" but apparently Nintedo DS will...
  7. Ditto for Fallout 1/2 and Knights of the Old Republic. Superb RPGs.

    I personally don't care much for STALKER. I don't think the RPG side of the game is all that good.
  8. I think Titan Quest can fit into your description. If you play certain "masters" (these basically make up your so called class) there is very limited spellcasting. I play a conquerer, which is a warfare/defense master. It's a good game, especially for a melee character like mine. It is basically a clone of the Diablo series which you might also like. If you give Diablo a try (you should, it's cheap and fun depite the old school graphics) then you would know if you would like TQ.
  9. Kotor is great (though you may classify the force powers as somwhat magical)

    Arguably you could play oblivion without any magic and make a swords only character, unless you don't like the NPC's using magic either
  10. There is an old game called Deus Ex (year 2000) that was a brilliant RPG set in a Sci-Fi setting (you could probably still buy it for a few dollars). Graphically it is crappy by today's standard but gameplay-wise it has little competition, there are multiple upgrade paths for your character so you are bound to find one that suits your style of play.

    STALKER is another good RPG/FPS. It features a persistent world with multiple ways to achieve objectives and open-ended game world. The game lacks character development though and requires a beefy rig (I am talking NV 7900GTX, NV 8800, ATI 1900 cards, dual core CPU). It is the first game I've played that actually features intelligent Russian dialogue (lucky me). Weapons, enemy AI anomaly effects and its impact on gameplay are all top-notch.

    I would steer well clear of any online RPG's because they require players to spend obscene amounts of time achieving objectives which require repetitive tasks to be done over and over again. Even though that may sound bad you may still get addicted to it.
  11. Absolutely go for Fallout 1 and 2, some of the best games for atmosphere and quests ever, and a great combat system. And damn straight Tactics was a let down! The thing was, Fallout 1 and 2 were just begging to be made into a larger stategy-hybrid game. I can't remember how many times when playing I would think to myself "If only I could set up a base and recruit some other guys, and equip them and send them out on missions..." I would even horde power armour and other cool equipment so my character would be prepared to arm his friends if the need arose...
    So when I heard there was a fallout stategy game, of course I just about wet myself. What a letdown ;)
    Not really on topic, but I had to say it.
    I can also recommend Deus-Ex as well. Obviously it's more of an FPS, and the RPG elements are light, but great plot and atmosphere. It would make otherwise boring and completely unoriginal FPSs so much more fun and interesting if they would just follow Deus- Ex's lead a little.
    I'm STILL waiting to play KOTOR 1 and 2 myself, I've heard only excellent things about them, but I've never had a computer that can handle them. But that's all about to change...
  12. i'd check out fallensword its a free online game , simple great rpg and its not complicated , it has its own economics you can start with almost nothing and build up,there also many aspects to the game as you progress it becomes much easier because you have then establish a footing in the game check it out if you have the time
  13. Gilberto Martinez said:
    i'd check out fallensword its a free online game , simple great rpg and its not complicated , it has its own economics you can start with almost nothing and build up,there also many aspects to the game as you progress it becomes much easier because you have then establish a footing in the game check it out if you have the time

    I bet you play a necromancer because you sure raised this thread from the dead. :)
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