Is the Shuttle SS51G UP TO SCRATCH?

I'm a newbie, never built up a system from scratch, never installed anything else then a soundcard on my old computer, but I see my self as fairly capable of doing so.

Now, I'm going to build a system, not top of the line, but fairly top notch system. What I have been thinking of is the following:
* Via333 Chipset
* AMD XP2000+
* 512MB Crucial 2.5cl
* 40x22xetc CD-RW

Bla, bla, bla... Fairly standard I guess.... BUT

I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE NEW SHUTTLE SS51G (externally) and I pondering getting this one instead of a huge Chieftech Dragon. BUT I haven't seen any user reports on this system, only sales talk and I'm a bit sceptical.

I'm no hardcore gamer (yet), I have a HUGE MP3 database, surf the net a lot etc.

* Would this system be up to scratch?
* What about upgradebility?
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  1. if you can wait a week or 2 I'll have mine in and let you know.

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  2. I would be interested in hearing about your experience too! In particular if you are planning to install Linux on it.

    The only thing that concerns me a little is having only one 5.25" device. For now I would have to make due with a DVD/CD-RW and then replace it with a DVD-RW/CD-RW later when the price drops. Not having a built in parallel port is a bit of a drag too (although I think there is one on the board). Oh well I guess I will have to finally part with my dot matrix. Also you only have room for 2x3.5" drives (either 2HD or FD+HD). This kind of forces you to buy the biggest drive (not necessarily best value) you can get. But other than that, I also like the look of the box and availability of USB 2.0, Firewire, Int. graphics card, AGP (for future use! :-)) etc... I also like the reduced power requirements (200W vs. 300+W). If you leave your machine on all the time, that could make an important difference in your power bills!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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  3. I also fell in love with this case. And the reviews of it have given me confidence that it is definitely up to snuff. Every review, and i've read several, says it's easily a main desktop replacement (which mine will be).

    Yes it will cost you more because you have to go high-end a bit to compensate for the lack of room, but I personally have no problem spending the extra cash.

    My reason is because the portability of the unit (easily taken to a friend's house for LAN gaming), the slight drop in power costs, & free'd up desk space is worth it to me.

    As far as upgradability, that all depends. I would assume in the future we can buy newer Flex-ATA mobos and higher wattage/small-sized power supplys if we need them. However they will probably be harder to track down.
  4. I have recently ordered the required parts for building an SS51G, after looking at all angles I thought this was a very wise choice.
    The only shortfalls I could find won't be a problem (for me at least), the lack of room for 5.25" devices won't affect me since I already have three very large tower systems (they weigh something cronic since I've done just about every kind of mod you could think of too them (most of which are totally unecessary but it's a hobby), my reason for buying this is exactly what the review on THG outlined, it's ideal for taking to a LAN, it can be surprisingly powerful as well.

    The specs for my proposed LANCUBE (not sure if this name is used for something else but thats exactly what I'm going to do with mine) are as follows :-

    Spacewalker SS51G Barebone
    2.266 GHz *533FSB* Intel Pentium® 4 CPU 512k Cache S478
    2 x Corsair XMS 256Mb DDR PC3000 Cas 2 - with Heat Spreader
    128Mb ABIT GF4 Ti4600 GeForce 4 TV Out/DVI
    2 x 60Gb Maxtor D740X ATA-133 (7200rpm, 2MB Cache, 8.5ms) Quiet Drive Technology
    Highpoint Rocket Raid 133RE 2Ch ATA133 Raid Host Adaptor

    It's not quite the THG testbed system but then again I'm spending just over a £1000 on this as it is and already having a couple of systems of similar spec (only falling short on the processor side of things) I can't justify much more, I've also decided I can live without the TFT monitor, the prices are just too high, I'll have to cart my 19" Iiyama VM450 Pro around but the rest will go in a back pack which is the part I like.

    The cooling is the other shortfall, although I have done a hell of a lot of cooling mods in my time and I'm sure I can find a PSU that will fit and allow me the extra power to supply a few cooling products, if all else fails I'll run it with the sides off(if there is more than one that slides off).
    It's good to hear from others who are thinking about/doing the same kind of thing, I'll post some info regarding how I get on with it when I get it all, although this might be sometime since the SSG1 is being ordered from the states and I live in the UK.
  5. Ewww, 1 pci slot, 1 5.25" bay, 1 3.5" extenal bay, 1 hard drive bay, you must not want to do much.

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  6. I'm going to get one of these cases and it should be at my place by Thursday. I may not have it up and running until next week however as I'm going away for the weekend. I actually have a full tower case now. I use 4 PCI slots and my AGP slot, 3 5 1/4" bays, and 2 of my 3 1/2" bays. Why am I changing? I'm going on a road trip for 4 weeks and I need to have a PC with me. I don't feel buying a laptop that will be MUCH slower than my desktop, especially when my daily routine involves 1 gig of data and 15k files. Here's what is in my tower:

    PIV 2.0 gig
    512 meg DDR333 RAM
    36gig 10K SCSI Drive - 3 1/2"
    9.1gig 7200 IDE drive - 3 1/2"
    Adaptec SCSI controller - PCI
    Soundblaster - PCI
    Linksys wireless network card - PCI
    Internal Modem - PCI
    GF 4600 - AGP
    SCSI CD-ROM - 5 1/4"
    IDE CDR - 5 1/4"
    tape drive - 5 1/4"

    And here's how I'm making all of that work in this case (a couple sacrifies..):

    1) I can dump my sound card. The one in the SS51G is better than my PCI card.
    2) Get a WET11 to hookup to the SS51G's network card.
    3) Get an external modem
    4) Dump the IDE HDD and SCSI CD-ROM drives. Both were rarely used.
    5) Dump the tape drive which I've used once in 2 years.

    So, I'll have the same computer in that small case. I can dump a new processer or a new SCSI drive in that whenever I'd like. Those were my only upgrades I have planned anyway. I already have a 15" LCD screen (I'll leave the 21" CRT at home), so I can throw all of that into a bag.

    Not the overclocker's or Hardcore person's PC, but good enough for me. And if it doesn't work? I still have my full tower case.

  7. I'm thinking of getting this box too, but I'm thinking it might not be too bad to have just 1 PCI slot. There's so much built on-board already, and many things you can connect via the USB or firewire ports anyway. Am I right? Can anyone think of additional peripherals that necessarily requires more PCI slots?
  8. Let's see...modem upgrades, I use a second network adapter for the internet and the intranet, a TV input card (in case you want a card that doesn't have a TV tuner), I use a SCSI card, a second CD device for copying "On the fly" since USB is too slow, USB2.0 cost more, and both leave extra pieces laying around on your desk, etc.

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  9. Well, if cost weren't the issue, I'd get USB 2 devices. Having it built on the board would save money. There are also USB ethernet adapters and USB modems. The only two things I can imagine that would require upgrade cards, which are interface based -- SCSI and Firewire 1394b.
  10. Fortunately the 8500DV has a TV tuner and firewire, which eliminates two cards for some people. Still, even if I replaced my SCSI devices with USB2, etc, ditched my awesome soundcard, etc etc, I'd still need at least 2 PCI slots, with NONE adjacent to the AGP slot (because I need the space there for cooling). MicroATX is a good option for people who need a small size, and there's always the old AT form factor which is only about the size of these Micro ITX boards like the Shuttle uses.

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  11. Does anyone know if this case has room for a "slim hard drive fan" under the HD? The lack of ventilation and heat buildup are the only things keeping me from building a miniPC.
  12. I just put one of these together.

    P4 5.3
    512 Corsair XMS 2700
    WD 80 Special Edition
    Plextor CD
    ATI 9700Pro

    No problems. Fired up first time.
    Took care to place a thin layer of Arctic Silver over entire contact area of CPU. Have the Bios set to lowest temp before cooling fan jumps to overdrive (48 I think). Fan runs on low speed most of the time. Very quite so I can watch TV at the same time I'm surfing. Got it in my home office and very pleased with it. Kids play UT2003 on it all the time without problems. BUT, its cramped in there. I left the PCI slot empty and left out the 3.5 floppy just in case it would improve air flow. For my purposes it is great, but if you want expandability without plugging in externals it ain't for you.
  13. build a real tower.
    This mini shuttle will be outdated soon and impossible to upgrade fully...
  14. What does it not have?

    LAN, Audio, USB 2, Firewire, AGP: check

    Stick in a DVD-R, P4 2.8, 1GB DDR, Big HD and it'll last for years.
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