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Hi All,
I Have been doing a lot of research on P4 MOBO's one that was reviewed here on this site seemed to me to be very good the Gigabyte GA-8IGXP but this Motherboard isnt on the Gigabyte web site. I found out some very confusing info the board was on there web site if you knew the link but you couldnt get to it by a link on there web site. The page with the board has since been taken off there website...but it can be found still using google's cache at
So what is going on with this motherboard anyone got more information on this?
Dose the board exist or not if so is it for sale yet or soon and where?
Thanks to anyone who has more info on this subject.
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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This topic has been brought up many times. Seems like GigaByte isn't selling the IGXP, I've only seen the IGX, probably, they planned to, then pulled it.

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