Running a Nintendo DS without batteries

Hey guys, we just put up an article on how to run a Nintendo using just the sun.

Link to the Video

If you guys have any other ideas for future articles please do not hesitate to PM me.

Hope you guys enjoy,
Your faithful Toms Hardware insider.

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  1. The thing is, there is no link :?
  2. yes, the next article is how to run a thread without linking it. :pt1cable:
  3. yea right you could hardly power a cheap cellphone without a fairly large solar array nonetheless a gaming system. what next power an xbox 360 with a watch battery
  4. Bull.

    Solar panels are moving ahead technologically in a big way.
    It only takes one small one to power a calculator that is the total surface area of a thumbnail. It would be easy to power a DS.
  5. I seen the video it looks like two thick pieces of metal duct taped to the DS almost like 2 DS together except only heavier...
  6. Well, also on the solar mod do you have to remove the batteries and put the latch on. And the pricetag is a little hefty even for DS owners. I just want a charger in case I need a boost when I'm on the go.
  7. i have an old solor panel from a car fan?
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