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Hi everyone,

I've tried both the demo (AND the full version, I just got it) of Command & Conquer 3 on Windows Vista Ultimate and I have some horrible sound problems during cutscenes, in-game play, the menu, and even the EA startup video (e.g. every place in the game). The problem is the sound stutters non-stop as if my PC is getting 5 FPS and the audio is trying to sync and stay behind with the frames (Except i'm staying at 30 FPS in reality). So it's as if the sound isn't lagging behind, just "skipping frames" so to speak. I'll record a video in the next few minutes to give you guys a first-hand experience.

My PC specs are in my sig. I've got the most updated [excuse of] drivers for my sound card, and ditto with my video card and everything else. I've done tons of searches on the net and haven't really found anyone mentioning sound problems in C&C3 on Vista. What could the problem be? Note that I don't have this problem in Windows XP.
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  1. Using dual-boot? Stick with xp ... My bf2 clan leader was installing vista ultimate on one of his computers, kept coming in and out of TS with sound card issues afterwards, not being able to talk at times, he's looking to reinstall XP 32 bit :D .

    I don't use vista myself, I play c&c3 on XP, no problems other than the audio/video syncing in cutscenes that's been in since the demo.

    And you updated C&C to 1.1? I did and my version number still says 1.0....
  2. There is a patch out 1.02 is the latest. I would stay away from Vista for now. I have the game installed under Vista and under XP as well, but i spend most of my time in XP because some of my games (STALKER) crashes under Vista.
    I do not have any sound issues under Vista though. Make sure you have the latest Vista drivers installed for your sound card though.
  3. i have vista ultimate 64, and i do have problems with games but i have solve all of them, except for bf2 ho crashes due to memory.dll allways in second map load
    stalker runs rock solid, of course after fixing the engine 3da.exe since it has a memory management problem, not vista fault
    im about to get cnc3tw i let u know how it goes
  4. I've downloaded 3 or 4 patches for c&c3, I lost count! The game's only been out for a few days, atleast EALA is actually making patches fast, unlike d.i.c.e.
  5. Quote:
    I've downloaded 3 or 4 patches for c&c3, I lost count! The game's only been out for a few days, atleast EALA is actually making patches fast, unlike d.i.c.e.

    I dont know i would rather have them wait a few days and then release a larger patch that fixes a couple of things. Since the game came out there seems to be a patch every single day.

    DICE sucks when it comes to patching. They even have beta tests for their patches. I mean WTF?
  6. They take months and months, make a closed beta, a few minor things get fixed, and new major problems arise.

    For C&C3 i'm still setting affinity to .dat file for the cutscene out of sync, it works, not sure if its been fixed, i havent read any patch notes.
  7. There has been alot of Video/Audio sncy problems try this;close the demo/game 1st then:

    On windows menu>Start>Run> Type in "dxdiag"> Click Sound tab> Turn down the Sound Acceleration to Basic Acceleration.

    Good luck also check the Offical C&C 3 Website Forum I tried to get on just now but its not working they have more help there.

    Kain Lives!
  8. I have Vista Ultimate 32-bit, and have not had any problems with sound in C&C3 thus far. However, the game has crashed a few times for no apparent reason. Thus far, C&C3 is the only game I have had a problem with on Vista. I'm hoping one of the patches will fix this problem.
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