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what games out there are like deus ex? i love this style of game, and have both of em. i'd love to find more that are good to mess around with.
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  1. Yeah anybody? Any futuristic FPS rpgs out there?
  2. Sadly it's all elves, fairies, and orcs for the time being. Hellgate: London takes place in the future, but it has a decidedly medieval feel to it (despite the guns).

    I loved Deus Ex as much as the next guy, but when they say, "Multiple ways to reach your objective," what they mean is, "You can either shoot your way through like every other shooter, or you can crawl through an air vent."
  3. Quote:
    You can either shoot your way through like every other shooter...

    ...using a rifle...or a shotgun...or a stealth pistol...or a rocket launcher...or a flamethrower...or a sniper rifle...or crossbow with tranquilizers...or proximity mines...or gas grenades...or a prod...or a crowbar...or...or...

    ...or you can crawl through an air vent.

    ...or use the sewers...or the roof...or the fire escape...or the back entrance...or social engineer your way to a password...or hack a PC security system...or take control of a bot...or pick a lock...or...or...

    So confining. :P

    what games out there are like deus ex?

    Bioshock is coming...
  4. I think what he meant was different ways to solve the objective ala fallout. Still waiting for a game that combines FPS and proper RPG.

    Maybe Bethseda will do it in fallout 3 instead of oblivion in post nuke setting (one can only hope 8) )
  5. bioshock should be awesome, and i loved all the fallouts, nothing better when it comes to rpgs. i hope it gets treated good by bethseda.

    as far as deus ex goes, there might not be that many good games like it out there, project: snowblind for a failed example, but at least deus ex has several good mods like zodiac, shifter, new high def texture and opengl and d3d librairies, and some other new mod still in development which is a "prequal", which looks awesome. i'm surprised after 7 years that the community still looks very much alive. i'm glad though, makes my next play through even better.
  6. I just noticed over the weekend that Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and Invisible War are now on Steam. Hmmm, knowing all the hoops you have to jump through to get some Half-Life mods playing nicely with Steam, I wonder if Deus Ex will fair any better.
  7. Have you looked at Stalker shadow of chernobyl? Its more heavy on the shooter side but it has a lot of rpg elements.
  8. Ahh Deus Ex was an awesome game.
    There were similar but not quite the same vibes from System Shock 2.
    You might also try No One Lives Forever. Very similar in how it played, even if it was not sci fi futuristic and augmentalicious.

    I can't think of any recent ones but I have heard promising things about Stalker... and some less promising things as well. I might pick it up in a week or two depending on what I hear.
  9. My first impressions of STALKER are very very promising. It's a more action based Deus Ex. But still just as open ended.
  10. I loved Deus Ex more than any other game, except Oblivion. It is unforgivable that there are no other Deus Ex games being made.
  11. Some ppl hate those sort of games never mind how difficult they are to make. Deus Ex hit, Deus Ex 2 flop.

    I find it's hit and miss if I'll like these open ended games. Oblivion I liked initially but got bored after a few days. Stalker still holds my attention. Deus Ex I loved to bits, Deus Ex 2 bored me. Err.... Silent Hunter 3 totally open ended and again I couldn't look at it.

    Some ppl like a strict linear path, others like more flexibility and some like complete open endedness (altho for me without goals what's the point in playing)
  12. dues ex 2 flopped because of the sloppy engine, it ran terrible on the fastest machines of the time, and didnt have the same gritty feel to it as the first game.

    Dues ex is one of my all time favourite FPS, i still play it to this day.

    tell you what though, i am sick of people telling me stalker has rpg elements, can you please tell me were these rpg elements are, cause ive got it and havnt seen anything remotely rpg, saying that i was bored of it after the first mission.

    my dream games are ones that give me a objective then lets me decide how to do it. stalker was meant to be like this but the land and maps are badly designed so you cant really snipe and sneak in.

    Project IGI was another favourite for me but i hated the second game.
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