Is it worthy switching 32 bit to 64bit in Win 7 ultimate

Hi I'm Indrashis from kolkata(India),i'm new in the forum and need help about the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit Operating System.I'm not very familiar with 64bit OS,I've been running a system with Windows 7 ultimate 32bit version for almost a year.Now I wish to switch on to 64 bit ....
i have=
AMD PHENOM2 X4 945 3.0Ghz
Gigabyte Mobo
16inch LG LCD monitor
etc etc
.........I have to download all the drivers and softwares of 64bit version if I want to switch on to 64 bit version of W7.So,I want to know whether it will be good to upgrade to 64bit version???Will it increase the performance of my system??(My system is used mostly for playing games like crysis,COD etc etc)
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  1. I ran 32bit Ultimate for a while, then switched to 64bit Ultimate, I actully like 64bit better, I have 3 TB of HDD's and the Boot is much faster, but when I only had 750G of HDD, the boot was the same, 64bit creates 2 Program Files in C:Windows, one is 32bit the other is 64bit, runs the same acts the same, but PERSONALLY, I like the 64 bit better, seems stronger
    BTW changing memory from 3G to 6G made no difference and I run CAD programs, was running some CAD Apps in XP mode and couldn't tell the difference
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