KT400 and AMD

I'm not sure I'm right, but if I get:
AMD Athlon
KT400 Board
and PC3200 400mhz DDR

It's a waste of the memory? please tell me if it's right or wrong and explain why.

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  1. There has been several discussions about this in other recent memory threads.
    Basically, you'd have a marginal performance increase due to lower latencies at a 400Mhz memory speed, but FSB is still 266Mhz (if you don't overclock). So, that FSB bottleneck limits the bandwidth of your platform. So, still if you don't overclock, PC2100 DDR modules will do fine. If you push the FSB (and your luck) high enough, PC2700 and PC3200 modules might be useful. Otherwise, forget it.
    Nevertheless, if the price difference between PC3200, PC2700 and PC2100 is marginal, then go for the better one. Of course, choosing PC3200 modules now is future proof, but better modules with lower latencies sure will be available later when platforms will really make use of those higher bandwidth modules. Your choice should be driven by price and the fact that you overclock the FSB or not.

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  2. Thanks for the answer, I finally understood!
    How high do u think I could OC the FSB?
  3. It depends on your motherboard, some might let you push up to 150 or even 166Mhz (300 and 333 DDR). I even heard of someone pushing it to 200Mhz (400DDR) once. But I think that's pushing your luck a bit too far.
    But remember that by pushing the FSB up, you also up the PCI and AGP bus, which may result in instabilities with your PCI adapters and/or graphics card (unless you have a FSB to PCI/AGP ratio adjustment feature in the BIOS, through jumpers or otherwise).
    Now, as I told you this, I am not a fan of overclocking (others blamed me for this, even telling me I'm not any better than a MAC user :mad: ). I believe that we have enough computing power out-of-the-box to do anything we want and that overclocking is unnecessary and risky.
    But that's just me!

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  4. Hey O,

    Very well said/written! Two of the very best posts/replies that I have seen here!

    Peace Out.....................tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
  5. Thanks!
    I try to advise people to the best of my knowledge, based on good sense, logic and reality.

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  6. Right, so I guess I'm going fot the PC2700 C2 memory, because I want to leave me some space for overclocking if I might use it.
    1. I'm thinking of going for the Corsair XMS, do u have any other suggestions?
    2. What's better, getting 2 * 256MB OR 1 * 512MB?

  7. Any good mem modules should be able to overclock just fine w/o any troubles. Alot of the PC3200 or DDR400 out there is simply good PC2700 overclocked to run at 200MHz x 2 = DDR 400. Get one module instead of two, usually a more stable and safer bet.

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  8. 1. Corsair XMS are good performers but usually way more expensive than other good RAM makers. Get Crucial PC2700 modules, they're cheaper and can run at CL2, eyes closed.
    2. nForce based mobo = get 2 modules; any other chipset based mobo = get 1 module.

    BTW, sorry for the late reply.

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  9. Quote:
    nForce based mobo = get 2 modules; any other chipset based mobo = get 1 module.

    2 memory modules with nForce worth only when you use integrated graphics of nForce. Otherwise, the performance are same for 1 module and 2 module. See Anandtech's nForce review
  10. I can't find Crucial PC2700 CAS2 on www.crucial.com
    Doesn't exist?
  11. Get some Samsung PC2700 and be happy. It'll usually run PC2700 CAS2 anyways.

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  12. I know. Crucial advertize their modules at CL2.5, but don't you worry. All Crucial modules can run CL2, eyes closed.

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