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My current setup is 128 gig ssd with windows 7 and programs only on this drive, 1 terabyte spinner hard drive with all my user data. I used this method to trick windows into thinking my user data is on the c drive (ssd) but it is actually stored on the f drive (spinner) ..

ssd has 50 gigs free space, terabyte spinner drive has 400 gigs free. I want to dual boot windows 8 when it is released. Should I partition the ssd and run w8 from that, or partition the spinner and run it from that. Looking whatever is the simplest way, and 2nd. the fastest way to run this new os.

Thank you in advance for your advise and input...............
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  1. There is no reason to dual boot 7 and 8. They are pretty much exactly the same. To answer your question though, I prefer to keep dualboot OS on separate Drives, as it is simplest just to switch the boot order around in the bios rather than deal with all the headaches keeping them on the same drive will.
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    On my computer, I have a 320GB disk it came with and a 1TB disk I bought later. The 320GB disk I have partioned up to keep OSes on that. The 1TB is for only my data. That way if eg. I want to dual boot 7 and 8, my files are all still accessible from whatever OS i'm using. I think that would be easiest for you. In your case, put the OSes on the SSD and keep all your data on the 1tb
  3. The ssd didn't have enough space for both. So what I ended up doing was throwing a 100 gig partition on the 1 tb drive, and just went went with the dual boot for 7 and 8. Not really gonna use 8 as a primary, just need it installed so I can use it for customer tech help as it arises. My next question is to see if I can downgrade all new pc's to windows 7. Most of my customer base I'm sure wont like 8.
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