Half-life: Source problems

I've just bought Half-life 2 GOTY edition that comes with half-life: source.
I only bought it because I thought I would be able to play it on my dads laptop which he just recieved from his new job. It only has a x1300 mobility in it but it runs Halo perfectly, So I bought HL2 to see if it would work, but I couldnt install it due to restrictions put on it the laptop (that strangely didnt stop me from instaling Halo). I dont care that it doesnt work, because my new pc will be able to play it fine when I get it.

So now I'm seeing if my old desktop will play Half-life: Source (It most definatly wont play HL2). Does this game require the same specs as a pc that would play HL2, or is it exactly the same as the original?
My old pc only has a five year old intergrated SiS 650 in it, but it can play games like Deus Ex fine.

Of course I should be able to find out whether it runs on my PC by simply trying it. However once I install it, it wont 'launch' the game. Do you think this is because my specs are too low?
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  1. I'm all confused...sec..

    >Bought HL2 GOTY edtion
    >Can't install HL2 on laptop because no admin privileges? Remember online connection is required for Steam hafts to ID/validate whatever your game content stuff.
    >Now you just want to install of Half Life Source on old machine, not sure if that would work, Deus Ex is old stuff.

    HL:S does make use of new Source engine technologies for lighting and water in which it departs from the Gouraud shading used in the original Half-Life and water receives a translucent effect rather than being opaque and there is a simulation of water refraction and difraction. Due to the availability of high processing power PCs, Half-Life: Source features new high-resolution skyboxes, which simulate a longer draw distance.

    If it doesn't work on the old machine you can always grab the old HL lol, I've got both HL1 and HL:S, haven't bothered to try source version.
  2. So as it uses the Source engine, it probably shouldnt work on my old PC, so thats why it wont even try to launch. Oh well.

    I got my first post a bit confuzled, just wanted to know why HL: Source wouldnt give me any feedback when I tryed to play it. It must be down to my PC not even attempting to load it.

    Steam can be very annoying, as it does stuff automatically (spending 2 hours just installing the thing, then it wants to spend another two hours updating all the games).
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