Whats happening to me and games?

Gaming… yes gaming used to be a big part of my life. A part that I looked forward too and could not wait till the next big game came out. Games like Half Life, Deus Ex and all the rest lightened up my days. But now things have changed, I no longer see my self getting home and going right on to the computer to play stalker or games like that. In fact I no longer see my self going on the PC to play games at all. I have only to this day and despite having the game for about two weeks now only managed to play stalker for a sum total of twenty minutes.

Money as well, I had a big list of what I wanted to buy. Oh that new R600 would have been sweet with a quad core and 3GB’s of memory. But what do I do, I get it in to my head that I want to go out with my flat mate (female) and spend loads on drink and nights out. And to top that off when the time was right for an upgrade I went and got my self a motorbike licence and one of theses didn’t I:

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Oh by the way the day after I got the bike the flat mate stopped being my flat mate and became a little something more. I suggest all you people who have trouble pulling women to get a big, loud and fast bike, the leathers make you look hot :wink:

Back to my point, what’s happened to gaming in my life? Has gaming just become boring all of a sudden or is it just I have reached an age or stage in my life where games (a medium that I could see my self playing for many years) has simply become too childish for me?

Please people I need help getting hooked on games again!
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  1. Looks similar to one of my uni buddies' old bike, he broke his neck, good luck to you!

    And, I haft to add, don't play crap games like Stalker (o, I see the flames coming, I don't give 2 you-know-whats-i-had-a-huge-buffet-lunch).





    Don't wait for "Alan Wake" either, max payne was boring enough, although I did like the story... and some areas, almost as much as Gears of War... I almost fell asleep, it was like working as a security during night shift, and come to think of it, Spore, Tomagachi on the PC - WOOPIE DO!
  2. I think a lot of it is that there is very little truly new innovation coming to the table.

    The game publishers have gotten quite large and they are just redoing the same old crap over and over. New and innovative ideas are seen as dangerous and risky so they stay away from them.

    You've played it all before and most games don't even have an interesting story anymore.

    Whenever I see a quirky original game I try to support it, but there just aren't many of those anymore on the PC. Nintendo still has lots of fun things, and Viva Pinata is cool.

    I honestly think that a lot of the problem is the desire to make everything pretty. Jagged Alliance 2 was one of the greatest games of all time, but you won't see things like that come out anymore because it is turn based and top down. Everything is real time first person these days and honestly, its getting kind of old.
  3. I went through a phase like this about four years ago. Hey, it happens. It took some great games like Half-Life 2 and -- you know where I'm going with this, drum roll.... -- The Chronicles of Riddick to bring me back to life.

    Whenever I see a quirky original game I try to support it, but there just aren't many of those anymore on the PC. Nintendo still has lots of fun things, and Viva Pinata is cool.

    I'm right there with you, Info. I just picked up Viva Pinata last week for the first time and it's great. If you want to get hooked on gaming, Cafuddled, sit down with a beer (it will help you get over the fact that you're playing a garden game) and give it a try. I haven't been able to put it down, honestly. And if you can't get over the fact that it's a garden game, well, then give Company of Heroes a spin. It's the game of the year for 06, as far as I'm concerned, and the best RTS since Starcraft.

    The problem is, games like Pinata, Viewtiful Joe, Okami and other non-FPS action titles are getting overshadowed and it becomes hard for a gamer to sift through all the titles out there and find the real gems. While I wouldn't call STALKER crap like Stemnin, I have definitely found it disappointing. Perhaps there's just too many shooters.
  4. It's because today games are made of people without imagination. :sarcastic:
  5. There are still some games out there that can grab your attention and suck away the hours. In particular, my current weekend-stealers are;

    Championship Manager
    Galactic Civilisations II (with the Dark Avatar update)
    and a bit of Pro-Evo Soccer

    However, I don't play nearly as much as I used to, since my job has longer hours than it used to, and my g/f has no interest in computer games!
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