Cant play any games where both keyboard and mouse are required

Curser freezes when any key pressed
windows 7
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  1. system specs, how old, do you have a AntiVirus and is it up to date
  2. its a Acer aspire timelineX 4820tg its only a month old and the anti virus is bullguard
    When playing games where you need both keyboard and mouse ie FPS the curser freezes when you press any key on the keypad so you cannot move around.
  3. Are the mouse and KB hooked to PS2 ports or USB or wireless,
    you should have mentioned that you were using a NOTEbook, not a Laptop: from a review, The graphics module most commonly found in the notebooks was the integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD chip, which can barely run any games. Very few models had a stronger graphics card such as the Radeon HD 4330. However, even the HD 4330 was quickly overwhelmed by most games' graphics demands. so probably the lock up is not a fault of the OS, rather it was overwhelming the GPU/CPU capability's, if you want to play games build a gaming computer,notes and lappy's were never really intended for this, Gaming and a long battery life are 2 words not used in the same sentence
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    This lappy should have a dedicated graphics card here is a clip from the review....

    The Aspire 4820TG has switchable graphics. This means that the user can switch between an integrated GMA HD graphics chip and the dedicated Radeon HD 5650 graphics card. Switching between these two is incredibly easy: right click on the desktop, pick "Configure switchable graphics" and choose the desired graphics unit. This method never fails and takes at most a few seconds. Thanks to this simple technology users can now switch between graphics cards so as to optimize either performance or battery life. For example, when using programs, which are not graphics intensive, the user can switch to the energy-saving GMA HD chip and extend the battery life. The HD 5650 graphics card can be used for more demanding programs such as games. However, one fault of the design is that the switch can not be done while certain programs are being run. For example, if a game is running, and the user notices that the wrong graphics chip is enabled, he must first end the game and then make the switch. In this scenario, Nvidias Optimus technology is without doubt better. This technology switches automatically between the graphics units (works only with graphics cards from the GeForce 200 and 300 series) depending on the laptops needs. On the other hand, Optimus is very dependent on the installed drivers, so sometimes the dedicated graphics card might remain inactive. So all-in-all, both variations have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Hope this helps...JQ
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