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What is Sony up to ??

Last response: in Video Games
April 9, 2007 2:15:09 PM

There was news a week ago that Sony would releas an enhanced PS3. FCC documents mentioned a bluetooth change and bigger harddrive.

Considering its said to be very difficult to code games for the Cell processor, is it possible Sony would consider changing processors ?

Also, other than a bluetoorh module and bigger HD, what else could they do to improve the PS3.

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April 9, 2007 4:50:59 PM

I don't think they would change processors, it's not that it's hard to program for it's just that programmers are being lazy, programming for multiple threads can be hard especially for PC's when you are unsure of exactly how many cores the computer will have, but when you know exactly how many cores a processor will have for example the PS3 which has universal hardware, it's very easy. It's just that the companies that make the game want more money so they invest less in porting the game over to ps3 if it's originally developed on another platform.
April 10, 2007 7:11:39 PM

thats it blue-tooth and the hdd, Its sony's reply to the 360 elite version coming out this month. The only other thing the ps'3 will also have some hardware removed, Its something to do with the rendering and Upscaling/downscaling of dvd's as no they are limited by hardware.

Sony will not change processors as it would take a whole new design
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