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Hey all just popped in to get the latest from you guys. I'm looking to build a affordable system. I'd like to get input from you guys.

For starters I have found a barebones computer at That allows you to opt out any hardware. Heres what I put together with their XP Configurator.

AMD Athelon XP 1600 1.4Ghz Socket A OEM
Thermaltake Volcano 6 Cu+ 7000Rpm Socket A Fan
1.44Mb 3.5 Samsung Floppy Drive OEM
80 GB ATA100 IBM 7200rpm
52X Samsung CD-Rom IDE OEM
ATX Deluxe MidTower 400W P.S. w/2 Front USB
2X Case Cooling Fans
PS2 Windows Keyboard
Microsoft PS2 Intellimouse
200Watt Stereo Speakers
Power Center for 5 Devices (Surgeprotector)

Sub Total $361.02 US
Shipping to my address $43.40
Grand Total $404.42

I'm getting a ATI Radeon 8500 Retail for $129.00 with shipping at Also 512MB Kingston Memory PC2100 CAS 2.5 for $111.00 at free shipping. Also a Zoom v.92 external 56K D/F/V Modem for $71.00 at thats with shipping.

I guess is what I'm getting here, is there a better performing Motherboard and CPU combo or barebones that I have listed here thats cheaper than what I found? If so please respond. Also and comments or suggestions? Better Motherboard at a cheap price or Motherboard CPU combo?? I researched all these prices via Thanks for any replies.

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  1. check out for the radeon 8500 they have it for 105 with free shipping
  2. First I would like to warn you about pricewatch. SOME of the companies on the site are really problem-ful. I would check the integrity of the site at <A HREF="" target="_new"> Resellers Ratings </A> first before I order anything from any site.

    I would choose another motherboard. That motherboard is good enough, but doesn't really have any fancy features to it. And the overclocking ability on it sucks.

    Why are you getting an external modem?

    I personally own the volcano 6cu+ and I can tell you its kinda loud. If you listen to mp3s whenever you use your computer like me, then it won't be noticable.
  3. The one I seen for that price was an OEM 64MB card. I want a 128MB card. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Not planning on overclocking, but what would you suggest that would perform as well or if not better at that price range or lower?

    The external modem is because I want a standard modem that will run on either Linux or Windows. Duel Boot such fun.

    Volcano 6 duely noted. Thanks for the replys keep em coming!

  5. Hey I really appretiate that info about I just got done reading all the bad stuff. I'll never do business with them. Thanks again.


    P.S. Looking for another vender.
  6. Update, on a different vendor. I have located one that has a good rating through and heres what I come up with. Suggestions and Comments welcome.

    Powercolor Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB $129.00 (think its OEM)
    Gigabyte 7VRX with Athlon XP 1600+ combo $148.00
    WD 60GB U100 7200 2MB Buffer cache $97.00
    512MB PC2700 333Mhz I assume this is cas 2.5 $134.00
    Linksys LNE100TX PCI 10/100 $21.00
    Coolermaster 80mm Univ Case Fan $8.00
    TCW Mid Tower 350w Front USB $66.00
    Mitsumi 104 PS/2 Keyboard $9.00
    Mitsumi Black Optical w/scroll Mouse $11.00
    Samsung CD-Rom 52X OEM $25.00
    Mitsumi White 1.44 FDD $14.00

    Sub Total $662.00
    Shipping Via Fed Ex Air 3 Day $29.87
    Grand Total $691.87

    Please post comments and suggestions. If you know of a trustworthy vendor online that you have had positive dealings with and you don't work for them please leave a note. I'm trying to find a descent price for this system I'm trying to build. Thanks again.


    P.S. This info was taken off the Is that a good price for that Radeon? is the vendor I found.
  7. I've done business with dozens of online vendors... and some local one's here in wisconsin. I would say has virtually no rival in terms of service/price/product selection. They've been so good to me as a customer I almost feel obligated to buy from them. By the end of the year I'll probably be up to $20,000 in merchandise I've bought through Newegg. Just go to their site and read the testimonials. I hate to sound like a comercial but it's just that some online vendors have really screwed me over or were very poor retailers. Most places have cut rate prices because they have cut rate service... I won't name names. I just suggest that you at least try newegg once.

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  8. funny you mentioned tcwo. Took them a week and a half to ship an Antec case to me...worse yet I didn't receive valid tracking numbers until after I received my package. Took them a couple days to respond to my emails, when I enquired about my order.

    AOL-For people who like to pay extra for their SPAM
  9. I've a decent experience with tcwo. I bought my processor and hsf from them. They didn't inform me that the xp1700 was out of stock for two days and I had to call them up because I was wondering why my order didn't ship yet. Their email response time is poor. But they shipped it out immediatly after the xp1700 came in. I got my order within a week and everything was nicely packed and had no problems. NewEgg would be my first choice though, twco would be a decent alternative.

    Your better off with an 8500 than a 9000, the 8500 beats the 9000 in many tests.

    Generic Memory isn't great, you should try to get brand name.
  10. Okay I checked out and heres what I came up with:

    Maxtop CSX-917K ATX Case with 350 watt power supply $36.00
    SOLTEK 75DRV4 Motherboard - Retail $71.99
    AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Retail Box $76.00
    Kingston KVR266x64C25/512 512MB DDR 2100 $119.00
    IBM 20GB 7200RPM OEM $69.00
    Mitsumi D359M3 Floppy Drive 1.44 $9.00
    SONY 52X MAX EIDE Internal CD-ROM OEM $24.00
    Arctic Silver's New Premium Thermal Compound 3.6 gram tube $11.00
    Maxtop Multimedia 3-1 Bundle, Enhanced Windows 2k keyboard, Speakers, and 2 button wheel mouse - Retail $28.00
    Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Lan Card LNE100TX - Retail $20.00
    Surge Protector Power Strip with coax and telephone line protection - Retail $13.00

    Notice I don't have a video card included. They do not have a good enough price. I did find a ATI Radeon 8500 128MB - Retail for $129.00 at

    Anyway here is the subtotal $467.99
    Shipping via FedEx Express Saver $38.94
    Grand Total $515.93

    Granted there is not a Monitor or video card but you get the idea. Any suggestions. I think the Soltek is the cheapest / Stable / overclockable board out on the market that performed well under Tom's KT266A chipset test. Also does anyone know where you can get a 19" monitor cheap? From a dependable source? Any comments or suggestions welcome. Thanks

  11. Thanks alot fot that link!
  12. go with maxtor or WD instead of IBM

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  13. MSI KT3 Ultra2 is better than your selected Soltek mobo. And it costs $79 at
  14. Looks nice, you might want to get some of the smaller(keyboard, mouse, etc...)at a local computer store because even though New Egg is a nice place to order from, their shipping prices are crazy high if the item doesn't have free shipping. Some people say IBM hard drives are really bad, but my older computer(1 year old) uses a IBM 30gig(dunno which gxp). No problems for me, and my computer is on 12 to 16 hours a day. My new computer uses an IBM hd(80gig 120gxp) as well, no problems either.
  15. This Soltek motherboard was rated Top motherboard for the KT266A chipset from Tom's Reviews. And its cheaper than the one that you just posted for $79.00. I could be wrong and I'll check out Tom's review again. I'm pretty sure it beat all the Other Mobo's in the Gaming area. Thanks for the input.


    P.S. The Soltek is also found at for $71.99.
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