playing wow on a 50" sammy

hey guys, im trying to get World of warcraft playing on my 50" sammy dlp (hlr-5087) I actually got it working with a DVI to HDMI cable then one day i logged on without changing a damn thing and it decided to stop working.. kinda. Im basically locked into 800 rez suddenly in the game, it doesn't list all the rezes it used to and even if i select one of the ones listed, like 1024X768 or something it wont actually cahnge the rez, nothing happens. My desktop, and video and everythign else plays fine in 1280X720 but WOW is just locked to 800 rez for some reason which makes it pretty crappy

any ideas on what i can do to get it working right? is there a way to force res in game or maybe some setting im missing the catylist controll center?

FYI its an athalon 64, and a raedon 9800XT gfx card, runnin under win 2kpro
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  1. I just joined this forum as I was looking it over and saw your problem.

    I play WoW on my 50" Sammy as well (HLS5067) and have had no probs at all. My recommendation would be for you to uninstall and re-install the vid card drivers.

    If WoW isn't seeing them, I'd check that first.

    Secondly, I think there is a WTF folder under the WoW folder. I think this contains a lot of the default settings for WoW. I would rename the entire folder to something else....WTF.OLD or something and then reload WOW. It should recreate the folder. If not, just rename the WTF.OLD back to WTF...or if one was created but didn't resolve the issue, delete it, and still rename the old one back.

    Good luck....and I love WoW on my Sammy....if I could just find a wireless keyboard that was worth a crap, i would be a happy camper!!
  2. hmm guess i could just do that but the thing is it works fine with everything else except for warcraft. if i could find a way to force the resoultion in game that would work, it seems like it just doesn't recocgnize the supported res's... desktop and videos and stuff are at 1280X720 but the game is locked at 800 and i cant change it. need it to list 1280 so i can try to force it in windowed mode or something, just not sure how to do that
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