SD Cards for PSP?

Can you use any brand of SD cards for PSP or only the specially marketed cards by sony themselves. If not anyone have a link to a brand or place taht sells them.
Also my understanding is the maximum size at this point is 8gb, is this true or what is the maximum card it holds?
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  1. I thought PSP's used Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo?

    And you can use any brand, the sandisk ones are faster if you can believe that than Sonys own cards.
  2. They use mspd NOT SD!!!! Sandisk is one of the best for flash memory, so yes go with it and good lord make that it is a Memory Stick Pro Duo
  3. The max size atm is i think 32gb, but i've only heard of these in test labs. 8Gb is the max, but personally i use 2x2Gb sticks, because if you look at the actaul size of a stick on your pc, it isn;t exactly the amount it is sold as, as sellers usually use 1000Mb to a Gig, as opposed to 1024Mb.

    Sandisk are the best, but there are others that work well, such as Viking. You get what you pay for with memory sticks.
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