You're top 10 favourite games

My top ten favorite games are:

1.Prince of Persia The Two Thrones
2.Prince of Persia The Sands of Time
3.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
4.Half-Life 2
5.Need 4 Speed Most Wanted
6.Need 4 Speed Carbon
7.Grand Theft Auto Liberty City
8.Grand Theft Auto Vice City
9.Prince of Persia Warrior Whitin
10.Max Payne 2

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  1. Mine are

    1-Starcraft (so many hours happily wasted..)
    3-Diablo 2
    4-C&C Red Alert (although I like the Tiberian universe much more)
    5-Half Life (and mods - especially the mods)
    6-Homeworld Cataclysm (great game)
    8-Battlefield 2 (sorta slowed down on playing for a while and picked it up again, prob because of how easy 2142 was.)
    9-Guild Wars (all three chapters)
    10-Too many could go here... UT2k4, C&C3, Goldeneye, Duke Nukem 3d/64, Unreal Tournament, X-Com, Quake etc..
  2. Hmmm... Off of the top of my head:

    (not in order of how much I like them, just in order that I thought of them)

    1) Baldur's Gate
    2) Lords of the Realm 2
    3) Deus Ex
    4) Civ 2/ Alpha Centuari
    5) Thief
    6) Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    7) Gothic/Gothic 2
    8 - Need for Speed: High Stakes
    9) Railroad Tycoon 2
    10) Age of Empires

    Geez - I don't even want to think about how many I left out.
  3. I'm old, so I have to include the titles that made me the geek I am today.
    In order, I have to say...

    1. Unreal Tournament (so many clans, so many hours, so many accusations of cheating...)

    2. Mortal Kombat 2 (so many classes cut to play in high school)

    3. Mortal Kombat 3 (uh, more classes skipped)

    4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (it's like intense training for every game there is... I always say true gamers play Tony, cause if you can compete at Tony, you can play any game on the market)

    5. NHLPA 1992 and onward (sure, I'm Canadian, but regardless, it's the best sport game there is)

    6. GTA San Andreas (3 straight months, it was the only game I played - nuff said)

    7. StarCraft (I hate strat games, but SC is different :) I still wonder why this hasn't been remade?)

    8. Madden

    9. Gran Turismo

    10. ... let's hope a title this year can fill this spot :)
  4. its hard to do this kind of thing because most new games will allways beat old games hands down if they were both released now, however the amount of enjoyment you got back then may be just as much as you get from a technicaly better, newer game now. An example would be Grand theft auto 1, which at the time was amazing, but now is nothing when compared with san andreas. Therfore my list a just a mixture of games i like now, and games i used to like. in pretty much any order:

    1 san andreas (dont play it anymore but think its possibly best game ever)
    2 company of heroes
    3 dawn of war
    4 supreme commander (if and when it works smoothely)
    5 Half life
    6 Theif
    7 Garry's mod (half life 2 mod)
    8 Battlefield Vietnam
    9 Farcry
    10 Homeworld ( thanks for reminding me)
    11 Eve online (had to sneak that in somewhere)
  5. Heres my crappy list

    1. Crysis - im gonna love it anyways ;)
    2. Forza Motorsport.
    3. Half Life 2.
    4. Far Cry.
    5. No One Lives Forever 2. (for some reason i thought it was a classic :oops: )
    6. Gran Turismo 4.
    7. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
    8. Oblivion.
    9. G.T.R 2.
    10. Rainbow Six: Vegas.
  6. 1. Fallout 1/2 (just have to point out that Tactics sucked bigtime)
    2. System Shock 2
    3. Silent Hunter 3
    4. GT Legends
    5. Sudden Strike
    6. Blitzkrieg
    7. Total War series
    8. Gothic series
    9. World of Warcraft
    10. Day of the Tentacles
  7. Man, I hate these because someone is going to post something that I wish I posted.

    In no particular order and subject to change:

    Interstate '76
    Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries
    Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
    World of Warcraft
    God of War / God of War 2
    Baldur's Gate II
    Tie Fighter
    Half-Life 2
    Tecmo Bowl
    Final Fantasy VII (I know, I know...shoot me)

    Hmm...maybe The Dig and Full Throttle go in there somewhere, too. I guess that's cheating, though. :twisted:
  8. hmmm, challenging. I'll have to put in some classics I was obsessed with. I'll try to put them in order but it's really hard.

    1. Warcraft 2 (I dedicated 95% of my free time for a year to this game)
    2. Rainbow 6 (loved the tight knit clans and intense action, didnt like any in the series after it. So many memories of incredibly close matches)
    3. Halflife 2 (and CS:S)
    4. Diablo 2 (hard to put it this low on the list, but truly a favourite)
    5. Final Fantasy VII (best storyline I ever played, ive never hated any vyllian as much as Sephiroth)
    7. World of Warcraft (I love this game, but it does not have the intensity or obession for me that the other games did, at least not yet)
    8. Warcraft 3 (never played nearly as many mods as any other game, but even the regular multiplayer is fantastic)
    9. Starcraft (I did not even play this game very much, but it was a lot of fun)
    10. BF2 (as much as I hate EA, I love the squad and commander based fighting and communication, excellent combat model)
  9. Man this is going to date me but here goes...

    1) Comanche Gold - no question...the end of the line for that series, though
    the rest are in no particular order

    2) Goldeneye
    3) the Neverhood
    4) Vice City
    5) Mercenaries POD
    6) San Andreas
    7) Rainbow 6
    8) Janes ATF
    9) Call of Duty
    10) 007 Nightfire

    and I gotta throw this in....for flash games check out the Adult Swim (Robot Chicken) website
  10. I should have realized consoles were fair game. I don't care if it makes my list too big, I need these in it:

    11. Super Mario Brothers (original NES, I still play it on my Wii)
    12. Street Fighter (SuperNES, now also play it on my Wii)

    honorable mention: the Killer Instinct series and Mortal Kombat 2 for great arcade memories. Ultra Combo and Babality anyone?
  11. 1. FEAR
    2. FEAR extraction point
    3. Half- Life 2
    4. Half life 2 ep. 1
    5. c&c 3 (even though i suck!)
    6. Indigo prophecy (loved the story)
    7. super Smaho bros Melee (once again, even though i suck!)
    8. Far Cry
    9. Rainbow six vegas
    10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  12. Quote:

    1) Comanche Gold - no question...the end of the line for that series, though
    the rest are in no particular order

    2) Goldeneye
    3) the Neverhood
    4) Vice City
    5) Mercenaries POD
    6) San Andreas
    7) Rainbow 6
    8) Janes ATF
    9) Call of Duty
    10) 007 Nightfire

    ooooo Janes ATF. I love that game. Janes ATF, Pacific Strike, and Longbow 2. Lovely.
  13. i got some old school ones i still play.

    Master of Orion - best intersteller strategy game
    Master of Magic - best fantasy strategy game
    X-Com - oh the hours spent
    FF7 - the money they would make with a next gen remake
    FF3/6 - my first rpg love it
    ChronoTrigger - my second rpg which i now own with my SNES
    Earthbound - for some reason I have beaten this more then any rpg
    CounterStrike - oh the ours of time i wasted
    Battlefield 1942 - the first FPS to support large amount of people. Made truely epic battles
    Fallout 1 and 2 - played this one almost as much as earthbound
    Privateer and Freelancer - Open ended Space simulater better then wing commander.
    Total Annihilation - the mods for this was awsome
  14. 1. Halo
    2. Mario Kart 64
    3. Warcraft III
    4. Both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark although I wasn't very good at them
    5. Super Mario Bros. 3
    6. Urgh... uhh... I just got a computer so my games list is very small.
  15. In no order...

    1. Civilization 2
    2. Caesar 3
    3. Age of Empires 2
    4. Hardwar
    5. Galactic Civilisations 2
    6. X3: Reunion
    7. Championship Manager
    8. Pro-Evolution Soccer
    9. No One Lives Forever
    10. Master of Orion 2

    Sadly, no room for Hitman:Blood Money :(
  16. I only play RTS and FPS.
    My top favorite games of all time are:
    1. FEAR (Countless hours in MP)

    2. Rome Total War with Barbarian Invasion Expansion (just the best Total War, thus the best strategy)

    3. Red Faction (8000 easily downloadable MP maps of which I have 700)

    4. Medieval 2 Total War (its good but not enough of an improvement)

    5. Half Life 2 (best single player ever IMO)

    6. Call of Duty 2 (non stop action, no medkits)

    7. Supreme Commander (best modern/futury themed rts)

    8. Halo (gameplay was still advanced even in 2004)

    9. Call of Duty (gotta love the squad combat like it is in CoD)

    10. Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries (the most fun I ever had in LAN, excellent SP)
  17. Halo - My Life was dedicated to this for 2 Years
    Halo 2 - And other 2 to its sequal
    Goldeneye - The first most awesome multi player game ever
    Mario Kart - Who could forget it childishness
    Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion - Best Strategy for its time
    Oblivion - OMFG Nothing ever made can beat this game - EVER
    Medievil 2 Total War - Total war only gets better with age
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Just amazingly freaky
    BF2 - So many ranks so little time
    Counter Strike - :D that's all i can say
  18. I would have to say in no particular order...
    Call of Duty
    Call of Duty 2
    Fear: EP(wish i had a better computer to run them though)
    NFS:Hot Pursuit 2
    NFS:High Stakes
    God of War
    God of War 2
    And the Socom series :)
  19. In no particular order..

    Call of Duty 2
    Call of Duty
    Red Orchestra
    Fallout Series
    Starcraft (I hate this game now)
    Total Annihilation
  20. Quote:
    Sadly, no room for Hitman:Blood Money :(

    Use imaginary numbers. :wink:

    [Series, series, series, series,] and the Socom series :)

    :lol: Cheater.

    Starcraft (I hate this game now)

    :) 8O :? *shakes head*

    You're killing me, Smalls. [/Sandlot]
  21. Lol well theres better RTS's now, like Supreme Commander.. Starcraft was good for its day.
  22. Ok, I'm bored and have some free time so lets see what I can come up with for this.

    I refuse to list these in any specific order since they are all what I consider to be the best in their respective genres.

    Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War - I know, I loved Starcraft too, but I have to give credit where credit is due. WH40KDOW is just simply the best RTS ever in my seldomly humble opinion.

    Master of Orion 2 - After much consideration I have to leave the crown with MOO2. Yes, Galciv II is a great game, but it is not as good or timeless as MOO2.

    Fallout (1 and 2) - There is no contest here. There are some truly great PC RPGs out there, but the Fallouts were indisputably the best.

    Deus Ex - The best story driven FPS out there. Why has this style of game never really caught on?

    Elite 2 Frontier - I played this game so much that I had trade values in certain systems memorized. Immensely expansive and a ton of fun. No game in this genre has ever entranced me for nearly as long as this one.

    Soul Calibur - The only fighting game franchise I ever loved. I have enjoyed several but this one .. I don't know if it is nostalgia or just awesome gameplay but this one is my favorite.

    Sid Meyer's Alpha Centaurii - I have to admit Civ IV gave it a run for it's money, but I spent more time on SMAC than even 10 times any other game that was similar.

    Chrono Trigger - Tough call between this, Xeno Gears, and FF6 but Chrono Trigger wins by a hair to take the console RPG crown.

    Starsiege Tribes - The FPS that took competitive FPS gameplay out of crowded corridors and boxy rooms and into the wide open spaces of OUTSIDE! Jump jets, rolling hills, flying vehicles, and fast action kept me addicted to this one for years.

    Diablo II - I hate to give DII a crown at all because it isn't as good as many second or third best games in other genres but I have to admit, it had the clickfest action game formula down to a fine science. I did play an awful lot of this game and still enjoy it from time to time.
  23. Congrats on replying to the wrong person. Here, have a n00b trophy :trophy:
  24. TOP 10 of all time? Since I have started playing video games period? Here it goes. I am rating these based on the amount I have played them through my entire LIFE..

    1 )Dragon Warrior (NES) - I wouldn't sell NES till I beat it. I don't want to know the HOURS I spent playing this... One word.. Edricks sword :D
    2 )Final Fantasy 7 (Playstation) - I wouldn't sell PS till I beat this. Again.. HOURS.. DAYS... MONTHS.... YEARS... Racing those damn birds to get the gold one.
    3 )DUNE (Genesis) - This was the RTS that started it all
    4 )C&C Red Alert (Playstation & PC) - Hours of battling it out with my cousin. I never saw a PS lag so much. haha
    5 )Moon Patrol (Commador 64) - DUDE!!!! I played this game so much as a young lad
    6 )Shining Force 2 (Genesis) - I had sega channel and it was alway on there so I played till the end. It's like a crazy chess game during battles.
    7 )Gran Turismo 1,3,&4 (PS & PS2) - Great 1 player game series, countless hours of racing
    8 )Diablo 2 (PC) - Bringing back the college days... and flawless gems
    9 )Total Annihilation (PC) - This replaced C&C Red Alert for me. Countless hours with my cousin playing
    10 )FAR CRY (PC) - Just a GREAT multi player LAN game. We still play for hours at our LANs beause it runs on everyone's PC beautifully with a lowend graphics cards. The game play is just so great. If only Tim woudl stop hiding on islands sniping everyone off. That bastard. :evil:

    BF2142 and Supcom have not made it there yet since My top 10 have FAR FAR FAR more hours put into them.
  25. Yeah, like I read the bug reports :roll:
  26. Nobody does. :lol: :(
  27. 1. Doom & Doom2 (Doom 3 is also first... but from the bottom)
    2. Quake(World)
    3. Warcraft I, II, III
    4. Starcraft
    5. World of Warcraft
    6. Half-Life
    7. Diablo 1 & 2
    8. Shogun & Medieval (I)
    9. Max Payne 2
    10. Vintage ! Wolfenstein 3D, Tetris, Digger, Minesweeper (oh yes, oh yes), Another World, Prince of Persia (the very first one), Defender of the Crown (Medieval Total War in... 1986), Dizzy (learning english by playing NES game...) Transport Tycoon Deluxe, and TONS of ther games that the ZOMFG MY GF8800GTXSLIULTRAOC ROX! generation will never come to understand :( games that relied on concept and gameplay and not some uber graphics...
  28. 1) Starseige Tribes - Best FPS game ever. Period.
    2) Any Sid Meier Game
    3) Any NFS Game
    4) Max Payne
    5) Starcraft
    6) F-19 Stealth Fighter (On 3.5" Floppys!)
    7) Jane's Flight Sims
    8 ) World of Warcraft
    9) Asheron's Call
    10) Everquest (Before Planes of Power)
  29. Quote:

    9) Asheron's Call

    I agree.

    AC was a great game.
  30. In no particular order (different time and platform...)

    Call of Duty - (COD 2 is a poorly done consoleport IMHO...)
    Call of Duty UO
    Close Combat III
    Panzer General II
    Pirates! ( Commodore 64 )
    Silent Hunter II
    Civ. IV
    Heroes II and III
  31. Elite 2 Frontier - I played this game so much that I had trade values in certain systems memorized. Immensely expansive and a ton of fun. No game in this genre has ever entranced me for nearly as long as this one.

    woa forgot about that one..was one of the best i played on my AMIGA 500+

    my list

    other games not worth the mention to me..
  32. Operation Flashpoint
    GTR Legends
    Counter Strike
    Delta Force Extreme
    Delta force Blackhawk Down
    Hidden and Dangerous 2
    Ghost Recon

    Not necessarily in that order, but my all time favorites.
  33. hmm tough this and think mine are sum what diff from others

    1)Pro Evolution soccer - Any of them got them all from startt of series and but the new one every year nothing like a night in few mates and a bit of pro evo!!!

    2)Gears of War

    3) Americas Army I know its free but this game should get more credit than it does amaizg game play team work and tactics very important!! love it! but have to play on team speak

    4)Golden eye (CLASSIC!)

    5) Starcraft + brood war one of only 2 Stratergy games i didnt get bored of

    6)WarCraft + frozen throne the 2nd of 2 strats i never got bored of online was ace aswell

    7) Sonic (Where it all started for me first game i ever completed)

    8)Tony hawks 2 (Skating games never got any better than this took me for ******* ever but i finnaly 100% bout 3 years after it was released! Comon hehe

    9) SmashBros LINK POWER damn that guys a legend

    10) Metal Gear Solid (fun the first time you complete it - Brilliant the second time with invisibity - amazing the 3rd time with invisibility and unlimited ammo)
  34. 11) Diablo 1 + 2 ( had to add a RPG to my list couldnt quite squeeze it in my top 10

    12)turf Battles (None of you have probally ever herd of this its an FP2 MMO that was made by a small time developers taken from a korean game... got ruined bcos the developers messed up the ballance of classes and the leveling but the fight system was phenomanal (cant spell lol) was so fast paced and there actually was abit about skill and not just your level...wish a big developer would make a combat system like this i might actually play a mmo then!!!!)
  35. here goes my list

    1 : Half-life mod Vampire Slayer
    2 : Diablo2
    3 : Age of empires 2
    4 : Warcraft3
    5 : HL2 Day of defeat
    6 : Farcry
    7 : TIM = the incredible machine

    :D cant remember anymore right now.
  36. 1. Rome : Total War (with expansions and mods) - the best RTS out there
    2. Diablo 2 (with the expansion) - the best action RPG of all time
    3. Need For Speed : Most Wanted - in my opinion it is the best one from the series
    4. GTA : San Andreas - loved it for the vast world and awesome action
    5. Deus Ex - the first FPS I have ever seen (not played though), loved the storyline
    6. Blitzkrieg - for me the best WW2 RTS, very realistic
    7. Medieval 2 : Total War (with the expansion and mods) - not as good as RTW but close
    8. Call of Duty 2 - spent a lot of time playing singleplayer as well as multiplayer
    9. Oblivion (with the expansions, add-ons & mods) - too much hours, days, weeks and months spent on this to not mention it
    10. Battlefield 1942 (with mods) - first game I ever bought, I played it with friends for hours & hours

    ...I will sort of cheat and mention here some other ones that are worth playing too but didnt get in my top 10 : Far Cry, Titan Quest+expansion, StarCraft+expansion, Max Payne 1 & 2, Age of Mythology+expansion, Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver...
  37. 1: Dragon Quest III (GBC) - One of the greatest RPG's ever created. Almost total freedom of movement from the outset (unlike FF games...), challenging normal enemies, let alone bosses, and the monster animations pushed the GBC to its limits. Also added an extra class from the NES version of the game.

    2: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (PC) - Prior to this, I considered all RTS games to be purly tactics games, where one would have plenty of time to make decisions and deploy troops. RA2 changed all that, bringing a pace and depth to the world of RTS games that was badly overdue, and needed.

    3: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (PSX) - The greatest game of the 2D era. Story, graphics, music, sound, character customization, exploring, platforming, boss battles, its all there.

    4: Castlevania III (NES) - What more needs to be said? Take the basics of Castlevania, throw in three allies who all have different abilities, and several different routes, each with a diffrent difficulty, and what do you get? One of the greatest games of all time, bar none. The forumla was so successful, it was returned to as an extra mode in Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow for the GBA.

    5: Super Robot Wars Alpha (PSX) (J) - The shining example for all JRPG's to follow. Sure, the SRW franchise had existed since the days of the NES (in fact, a who timeline series had already been completed), but with the advanced power of the PSX, an upgraded sound engine (I still shudder about F/F-Final...), and a new story, Super Robot Wars Alpha brought tactics games to the forfront once again.

    6: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis) - Its a classic, more so then the first. The graphics were crisp, the soundtrack memorable, and Super Sonic was one of the most delightful secrets ever conceived. If only the series hadn't started its dropoff just a few years later...

    7: Castlevania - Rondo of Blood (Turbo 16 CD) - The prequel to Symphony of the Night, and the one game that established CD's as a viable game format. Multiple paths in every stage, difficult boss fights, and the outstanding soundtrack make this the must have Castlevania game, and also one of the rarest.

    8: Dragon Quest IV - Chapters of the Chosen (NDS) - After some thought, I put the NDS release here over the classic NES version. Essentially the same game, the NDS version was based off the (unreleased in the US) PSX version, and included the new Chapter 6. Its story based format solved the age old problem of having to place barriers to prevent the hero from going where they shouldn't, and not knowing where any of the cities were. While the newer Dragon Quest's V and VI might have been overall better games, something about Dragon Quest IV puts it ahead.

    9: Final Fantasy VII (PSX) - Had to come at some point, the game many consider to be the shining examples of RPG brilliance. FFVII is the first video game to trully attempt to have the story drive the action, rather then the other way around. It was also the first game to trully shock even hardcore gamers with the onscreen death of Arieth (admit it, you cried).

    10: Super Mario Brothers (NES) - I hate goombas. Despite the fact they are the easiest enemy in gaming history, and move in easily predicable patterns, they've managed to kill us all millions of times. And yet, we keep comming back...
  38. this are my random games that i currently playing this year but i got only less than 10 lol ^^

    atlantica online

    rohan : blood feud

    cabal online


    granado espada


    Fiesta online

    Piston tale
  39. Doom
    Quake 1 &2
    Fallout 3
    UT 2004
    X-Com UFO Defense
    Serious Sam
    Jane's Longbow
  40. The ones that impressed me the most at their time:

    1-Zelda 64
    4-Medal of honor (the one that started with the omaha beach chaos)
    5-Max payne
    6-Oblivion (with mods this is the most beautiful looking game todate)
    7-Need for speed most wanted
    8-FFXI (which I still play and have +380days of gameplay)
    9-Grand theft auto san andreas
    10-Diablo 2 (for my own health I stopped playing it...seriously..I started to have gray hair @20..)
  41. I am going in order of the games I first bought:

    1. Golden Eye (N64)
    2. Perfect Dark (N64)
    3. StarCraft: Brood War (everything from here on is on PC)
    4. WarCraft 2: BNE
    5. Warzone 2100
    6. Aliens Vs. Predator 2
    7. Half-Life related games: Counter-Strike, Opposing Force, Team Fortess 1
    8. Call of Duty 4
    9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC + Clear Sky
    10. Runescape :P (only as a last restort of mass boredom)
  42. If you considering all time and not best in terms of graphics and updated tech, ie not comparing apples with oranges. Mine would be:

    1 - FF7 - (nothing will beat the ultimate awesomeness of this game! I stopped going to school for a couple weeks when I was about 12 to play it 24/7, until my parents realised i wasnt actually sick lol)

    2 - Red Alert

    3 tie - Metal Gear Solid series (4 Possibly my favourite)
    - Goldeneye and Perfect Dark

    after this its hard to order them as comparing very different games but list would have to include: (not ordered)

    Jungle strike - thats right mega drive status was the goods
    Gran turismo 1 and 2
    Dawn of war series
    AvP 1 and 2 (1 was better)
    Unreal Tournement
    Forza 1 and 2
    Red alert 2 probably have to be included too.
    Soldier of fortune 2
    Far Cry

    Better cut it about there but im sure theres more ive loved and missed. Really now I think about it apart from RA and FF7 the rest I like equally as much.
  43. The ones that would beckon me to play them wether I like it or no perticular order

    1) Perfect Dark.....I havent seen a fps like it since, It had everything(the one on the N64)
    2) Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.....I use to stay away from that game Intill I had company "to help me with the puzzles"... but the mercs bit when you finish the game 10/10
    3) Operation Flashpoint..... Ha... now that I have a PC up to the task, this Is what I like to do, Go to mission Editor and find a nice flat playing Feild. spwan a Group for Alies and directaly in front of them, spawn some enemys(Facing them) Copy and paste over and over, so that from the sky it looks like a Red and Green Chess Board, Position ur self in the middle and Play....
    4) Silent Hill2..... All of them are Great games, but 2 was my fave
    5)Oblivion..... The day I first Played this I was so Pissed of that I only had a small peice of the map to play on(because they advetised the whole world on the website) It took me 3 years to to admit defeat, I still havent done everything on that Game, I dont think I ever Will.
    6)Mechwarrior4..... I loved these games to bits, But then they made that crap assault 1 for the xbox with their neon lights and It looked... dreadfull! But I cannot wait for MWLL, even though some of the features I dont like already.
    7) Shadow Man..... The graphic where awful but I got so Hooked on this one
    8) GTA Vice City..... out of all of them, I spent more time on this 1
    9) The Punisher..... I watch the Film 50 times over. I played the game 1Million Times Over!!!!
    10) MGS2..... on average I would complete this every other 3 hours, trying to get all the dogtags

    and then theres.....S.t.a.l.k.e.r., Burnout3, Fallout3, VampireBloodlines,NFS underground1+2, DonkeyKong, ShadowRun(First1) Blade Runner, F.E.A.R., StarWars:JediAcademy, BioShock, Cybernator, IL-2 Sturmovik, BattleFeild 1942, RoadRash....
  44. Favorite 10: (So many happy memories)

    -Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (#1 All time Favorite)
    -Super Metroid
    -Metroid Prime
    -Lufia & The Fortress of Doom
    -Lufia 2
    -Diablo II

    Honorable mentions: Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Super Mario Bros 3
  45. My top ten

    1. Simcity 3000
    2. civilization 4
    3. Age of empires 2
    4. Driver
    5. Half life 2
    6. Call of duty 4/5
    7. Crysis
    8. Quake 4
    9. F.E.A.R
  46. This for me is an all-time list including more current games and old games (listed by first published date):

    1. Rise Of Flight
    2. Empire: Total War
    3. Call of Duty: World at War
    4. Call of Duty 2
    5. Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific
    6. Take Command: 2nd Manassas
    7. Civil War: Bull Run
    8. IL-2
    9. Age of Sail II
    10. Red Baron 3D

    All are or were played in multi-player.
  47. Mine would be
    1. GTA IV
    2. Oblivion
    3. Fable 1/2
    4. Starcraft
    5. Call of Duty World at War
    6. Halo 3
    7. Fallout 3
    8. Any of the Zelda's
    9. Saints Row 2
    10. Plants Vs Zombies
  48. Hmmmm, this could be a doozy.

    The Witcher (brilliant, especially for a first game)
    Jedi Academy (best sword combat I've seen to date)
    Oblivion (I liked it)
    Deus Ex (Only game I ever played 3 times consecutively)
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Chernobyl (haven't played the other(s))
    Vampire, The Masquerade - Bloodlines (a real gem)
    Final Fantasy 6 (before the crappy FF's started)
    Audiosurf (just a superfun waste of time)
    SWAT 4 (I know it's not the greatest, but I played MP A LOT)
    F.E.A.R. (About killed me, wanted to remember it so much I grabbed the poster from my local Gamers' store)

    They're not in order.... I don't know if I could put them in any real order. And I'll probably think of a few substitutions, but they're all excellent games, regardless.
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