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Hi there, I was recently browsing threw my files and I noticed at the bottom of every file I view in Windows Explorer it says "Shared With: Guests; ANONYMOUS LOGON; Everyone"
I tried to do a few searches on Google and came up with different scenarios for when anonymous logon was used, but I just want to know if its something I should be concerned about.

Basic information:
I hardly upload anything to the internet except to things like Facebook and photobucket or transfer files via programs like msn. I do use External hardrives alot. At one stage I did duel boot Windows 7 with Windows Vista (Vista was installed first on C drive, then windows 7 on D, recently reformatted C drive). It may have been there for ages but it is the first time I have probably paid attention to it and just want to be on the safe side.
This isn't with all files, alot of files I have just have "Shared With: <Unknown Contact>"

using: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

Any further information would be great, thanks in advance.
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  1. Users who log on are allowed to make changes to files and folders, in 7 the best idea is to create a User who is the Admin, then make a regular user for your self and use that to access the computer, it lessens the chance that someone can install "unwanted software" on your computer, if someone hacked into your computer, they could install anything that they wanted, but if everyone uses a account, and only you know the Admin password, it make hacking much more difficult.
    BTW, don't use Admin, or your name as the password, a combination of Upper and lower case letter and numbers makes it very hard, especially if you have more than 8 characters
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