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i work night shift in florida, so i'm normally awake when most of the east cost is asleep (so i either have to deal with 130+ ms servers due to the hop across the ocean, or generally just not find anyone playing). i love any world war, or modern genre fps game, but cannot find one that has a lot low latency servers to play on in the middle of the night on the east coast (i know i can find some games with under 10 people playing, sometimes, but i love bigger battles, and something that has enough people playing regularly i can find a decent size server) and just cannot afford to keep buying more games to find one that has people playing regularly. i've been loving Day of Defeat Source, but lately, it has been drying up on people. i know there is Counter Strike, but I prefer a game with a more non-stop style of game play (so i don't have to wait minutes for that last camping bastard to die all ready).

i really prefer games with realistic weapons designs, nothing too fantasy. please, any idea's?

Thanks a TON in advance!!!
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  1. You might want to try Battlefield 2. They seem to have servers running with a decent ammount of people pretty much 24/7. I've played at 2-3am, 8am and 1pm and seem to have a decent ammount of people. (i use the in game serverfinder...not the gamespy...) that and the game is, i think anyway, pretty d*mn good.
  2. I would also suggest BF2, there's an infantry mode (which i kinda don't like sometimes) so you can get used to the game before you face vehicles and get a purple heart :P
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