Warning LOTRO CE\SE Last minute contents change

Many people who have received their copies of the SE and CE boxes have been very dissapointed by what theyve received. The official announcent was that it was "working as now intended"


Many web sites (including codemasters until yesterday afternoon) were advertising the old contents list. Just for a quick list of the changes to the advertised specifications :-

Special edition gets a glossy paper map instead of High Quality Cloth Map

Collectors Edition Also gets the paper replacement instead of the cloth map but in adition loses out on the wax seal on the wax sealed letter they lose out on a printed version of the prima guide - instead they get a download pdf. The leather Wrist band will be provided at a later date.

If you had ordered these editions or were considering it it may well pay to read the official forum thread and the new contents description on the codemasters shop site. Its also worth comparing the codemasters revised description to the contents described on other online stores still miss describing the goods they are selling.

No doubt many people will still want the CE and SE but I do think its important people know what they are actually buying is not what was originally (and still in most places) being advertised.
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  1. Collector Editions to me are just a plain waste of time and money. EXCEPT! when i bought the Company Of Heroes CE, it was cheaper than the normal boxed version. And that was in the same store :) but it was still imo. crappy. A few pointless cards, a map of something :S, a making of dvd or something like that. But it was cheaper so i darn care :lol:
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